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February 2017



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Ianto Little Smile

[sticky post] MASTER LIST

My master list of fic, which will hopefully be updated whenever I post something new!

Entries marked FP written for community fic_promptly


William And The Space Animal [G] - CF

Capturing The Beast

Getting To Nose You - Part 1

Getting To Nose You - Part 2

How To Live With A Neurotic Alien

The Care And Feeding Of Alien Fluffs - Part 1

The Care And Feeding Of Alien Fluffs - Part 2

Welcome To Owen Harper's All-You-Can-Eat Fluff Buffet - Part 1/2

Welcome To Owen Harper's All-You-Can-Eat Fluff Buffet - Part 2/2

Out Of Coffee

The Honey Monster

Forever Blowing Bubbles

Who Needs A Dog? [G] - S

The Number Game [G] - FF

Medical Mystery [G] - B

A Very Nosy Christmas

Feeling The Pinch [G] - FP

A Very Fluffy Easter

A Stressful Day [G]

If At First You Don't Succeed... [G] - FF

Let That Be A Lesson... [G] - FF

Nosy Helps Out [G]

Cleaning Up [PG] - FF

Nosy Saves Christmas [G] - TF

Cuddling Up [PG]

A Day To Remember [PG] - For Ianto's 30th Birthday

The Innocence Of Children [G]

Finding Day Surprise [G] - Meme fill for arnica

Giving The Talk [PG-13] - FP

All Gone [G] - B

Nosy-Verse Drabbles


Elementary Problem Solving

The Beauty Of Trees

Midnight Rescue (Sequel To 'The Beauty Of Trees')

A Place To Think [PG] - FP


A Hero's Return

Endless Life [PG] - FP


51st Century Pheromones [PG-13] - FP

Abducted [PG] - FP

A Bird In The Hand... [PG-13] - FP

A Birthday Treat [G] - for KitandMip

A Brief History Of Love [PG-13] - FP

A Brief Respite [PG-13] - FP

Accentuate The Positive [PG-13] - FF

Accepting Fate [PG-13] - FP

A Coat Tale [PG] - FP

A Criminal Waste [G] - FP

A Cure For Death [PG-13] - FP

A Detective's Lot Is Not A Happy One [G] - FP

A Dotty Problem [G] - FP

Adventures In Coffee Making [G] - FP

A Few Bugs In The System [PG] - B

Aftermath [PG] - FP

A Gift From The Rift

A Girl's Best Friend [PG] - FP

A Grand Day Out [PG] - Meme fill for aeshna_cyanea

A Hug For Forgiveness [PG] - FP

All The Time In The World [G] - FP

All Things To All Men [PG-13] - CF

A Man And His Coat [G] - FP

A Matter Of Scale [PG] - FP

Ambushed [PG] - FP

A New Life [G] - for biancaruth

An Arithmetical Investigation [G] - FF

Angel's Tears [G] - FP

Another Day, Another Death [PG-13] - FP

An Unusual Position [PG-13] - FP

Anxiously Waiting [G] - FP

Anything For Lisa [PG] - FP

Anything's Possible... [G] - For timelordshines

Anywhere But Here [G]


Armed And Dangerous [PG] - FP

Armed And Dangerous, The Bad Guy Remix [PG] - FP

Arresting Behaviour [PG-15] - FP

A Second Chance [G] - Meme Fill for black59

A Simple Misunderstanding [PG-15] - FP

A Sort Of Wake [PG] - FP

A Splash Of Sunshine [PG] - FP

A Sticky Problem [PG] - B

A Suitable Disguise [G] - FP

A Way Of Life [PG] - FP

A Weevil's Perspective [G] - FP

A Weird Experience [PG] - FP

Back In The Game [PG] - Torchwood/Doctor Who - FP

Backpack Invasion [G] - CF

Bad Dreams [PG-13] - FP

Bad Timing [PG] - FP

Beach Blues [NC-17] - FP

Beachcombing [G] - FP

Being The Newbie [PG] - FP

Best Forgotten [G] - FP

Bits And Pieces [G] - S

Blue, Clear Sky [G] - CF

Bounce [PG-13] - FF

Breaking Point [PG-13] - S

Breathe Free [PG-13] - FF

Bringing Home Strays [G] - FP

Bringing Lies To Life [G] - FP

Butterfly Dreams [PG] - FP

By Any Other Name [G] - FP

Bye Hart [PG] - FP

Caged [PG] - FP

Calling Doctor Harper [PG-13] - FP

Cardiff Heatwave [PG] - FP

Catch Of The Day [G] - FP

Changeable [PG] - FP

Changing Fortunes [G] - FP

Chasing Monsters [PG] - FP


Coming Back From Death [PG] - FP

Confusing Conversations [G] - FP

Convalescing [G] - Sequel to 'Unlikely Accident' - FP

Covering Their Tracks [PG] - B

Crossed Wires [PG] - FP

Crying Wolf [PG] - FF

Curtain Shopping [PG] - FP

Cute Isn't Always Harmless [PG] - FP

Dancing To Glenn Miller [PG] - B

Dangerous Attraction [G] - FP

Date Night Disaster [PG] - FP

Day Four [G] - CoE compliant - FP

Dear Diary... [G] - FP

Death By Fire [PG] - FP

Death Denied [PG] - Double drabble - D

Deep In The Archives [G] - FP

Difficult Decisions [G] - B

Dinner Is Served [G] - For timelordshines - Sequel to her drabble 'What's For Dinner?'

Dino Trouble [PG] - FP

Distant Relatives [PG] - FP

Distant Relatives, The Brotherly Love Remix [PG] - FP

Dividing The Workload [PG] - FP

Doctor, Doctor [PG-15] - FP

Doctor Harper Takes Charge [PG] - FP

Don't Get Used To This [PG] - FP

Double Trouble [G] - Doctor Who/Torchwood - FP

Dreams And Fantasies [G] - B

Driving Home For Christmas [G] - TF

Earth's Mightiest Heroes [PG-13] - For jedi_harkness

Easter Alien Hunt [PG] - FP

Eating Alone [G] - FP

Eerie Noises In The Night [PG-13] - FP

Eggstraordinary Events [PG] - FF

Eight-Legged Monsters [G] - FP

Envy [PG] - B

Everywhere I Go [G] - S

Facing Eternity [G] - Torchwood/Doctor Who - FP

Facing The Devourer [PG] - FP

Fading Photographs [G] - FF

Falling [G] - FP

Falling Asleep On The Job [PG]

Falling Down On The Job [PG-13] - FP

Fantasia, Torchwood Style

Fancy! [G] - Companion Piece to 'Small Problems' - FF

Feeding Time At Torchwood [G] - FP

First Love [G] - FP

First Week [G] - FP

Fixing It [PG] - FP

Foiled [PG-13] - FP

For The Love Of Coat, The Contented Coat Remix [PG] - FP

Fragile [G] - FP

Ghosts [PG] - FP

Gone Batty [PG] - FP

Good For You [PG]

Grey Days [G] - FP

Handwritten Letters [G] - FP

Hart's Desire [PG] - F

Healthy Eating [PG] - B

Heaven Can Wait [G] - FP

Hey Alarm Clock! [PG-13] - FP

Hit And Run [G] - FP

Holiday Traditions [PG] - TF

Homecoming [G] - Torchwood/Doctor Who - FP

Homeward Bound [PG] - Sequel to 'Northern Lights' by Willow08

Horrific Sight [PG] - For

Ianto Branches Out [G] - FP

Ianto Jones On The Uses Of Coffee [G] - FP

Ianto's Bad Decision [PG-15] - FP

Ianto's Cobweb Patrol

Ianto's Little Helper - Part 1/2

Ianto's Little Helper - Part 2/2

Ianto's Other Secret [G] - FP

I'd Give Up Forever [G] - FP

I Feel Pretty [PG-13] - FP

I'll Make It Up To You [G] - Meme fill for iantojjackh

In And Out [PG-13] - FP

In Dreams [G] - FP

Innocent Pleasures [PG-13] - S

In The Fog [G] - FP

In The Wee Small Hours [G] - FP

Invasion Cardiff [PG-13] - FP

I Promise [PG] - S

Is It Dark In Here? [PG-13] - FP

It's A Bag's Life [PG] - Sequel To 'Fantasia, Torchwood Style'

It's All About Trust [PG] - S

It Stars With A Toothbrush... [G]

Jack Has A Thing... [PG-15] - FP

Jack's Bunny Bother [PG-13] - Sort of sequel to 'On Care And Feeding Of Not-So-Fluffy Bunnies' by milady_dragon

Jack's Plans [PG] - Companion piece tp 'Valentine Planning' - S

Jack's Umbrella Dilemma [G] - FP

Just Another Tuesday [PG-13] - FP

Knife To The Heart [PG] - FP

Know-It-All [PG] - FP

Left With The Dirty Work [PG-13] - FP

Levelling The Playing Field [PG] - FF

Light In The Darkness [PG] - FP

Like A Cork In A Bottle [PG-13] - FP

Little Green Men [G] - FP

Little Things [G] - FP

Locked In [PG] - FF

Lonely Night [G] - FP

Lonely Night, The Lonely Little Hotel Room Remix [G] - FP

Look Down [PG] - FP

Losing Jack [PG] - S

Lost Again [G] - CF

Lost And Found [PG] - S

Lucky Escape [G] - FP

Making Amends [PG] - FP

Manipulation [PG] - FP

Man Of Mystery [G] - FF

Maternity Leave [G] - FP

Mechanical Misunderstanding [PG] - FP

Meeting And Greeting [PG] - Torchwood/Doctor Who - FP

Memories Of A Year That Wasn't [PG] - FF

Memories Of Lisa [PG] - FP

Memory Aid [G] - FP

Merry Christmas From Jack [G] - TF

Misjudged [PG] - FP

Misplaced Property [PG] - FP

Missing Sunrise [G] - FP

Monsters [G] - FF

Mood Killer [PG-15] - FP

Mornings With Ianto [PG] - FP

Move Your Hand [PG] - FP

Muted [G] - FP

Need For Speed [PG] - S

Nervous Habits [G] - FP

New Doesn't Mean Better [G] - FP

Night Is For The Dead [PG-13] - FP

Nightmares [PG] - FP

No Regrets [PG] - FP

Normal Is Relative [G] - FP

No Such Thing [PG] - CF

Not A Pet [PG] - CF

Not Much Of A Talker [G] - FP

Not Now! [PG] - S

Not On The Menu [PG] - FP

Not Quite Themselves [PG] - FP

Not Ready [PG-13] - FP

Not Ready To Lose You [PG] [CoE Fix-It] - FP

Not Torchwood's Fault [PG] - B

October In Cardiff [G] - FP

Odd Behaviour [PG-13] - FP

Ode To The Captain And His Teaboy [PG-13] - FP

Of Buds And Butts [PG] - CF

Oh Boy! [G] - FP

On A Roof In Cardiff [PG] - FW

Once Upon A Beach In Wales [PG] - B

One-Man Crime Wave [PG] - FP

One-Man Show [G] - FP

One Man's Threat... [PG] - S

One More Bloody Mess [PG-15] - FP

One Of Those Days [G] - FP

One Short Night [PG] - F

Out-Snarked [PG-13] - S

Owen's Proposal [PG] - For milady_dragon

Phone Call From Home [G] - Crossover with FAKE - FP

Pillow Talk [PG-13] - FP

Pink [PG-13] - Torchwood/Doctor Who - FP

Playing A Losing Game [PG-13] - FF

Poor Jack [PG] - Sequel to drabble 'Season Of Mists'

Prelude To A Date [G] - FF

Preserving Memories [G] - FF

Priorities [PG] - Companion Piece to 'Armed and Dangerous' - FP

Promises To Keep [PG] - FP

Reality Or Dream? [PG-13] - Torchwood/Doctor Who - FP

Reckless [PG] - FP

Refusing Orders [PG] - FF

Relatively Quiet [G] - FF

Rent An Alien [PG] - FP

Revelations [PG] - FP

Riddle Me This [G] - FP

Risks And Rewards [PG] - FP

Rude Awakening [PG] - B

Runaway Jack [PG] - FF

Scales [PG] - FF

Second Chances [PG] - FP

Secret Desires [PG-13] - FP

Seeing Is Believing [G] - FP

Serving Life [PG] - FP

Shades Of Grey [G] - FP

Silver Metal [PG] - FP

Sock Horror! [PG] - FF

Something To Hold On To [PG-13] - FP

Soothing Influence [G] - FP

Special Delivery [G] - FW

Suspicious Behaviour [G] - FP

Sweet Mystery [G] - FP

Taking Charge [PG] - FF

Taking Down The Enemy [PG-13] - FP

Taking Responsibility [PG] - FP

Taking Risks [G] - FP

Tequila Immortal [PG-15] - CF

Testing The New Boy [PG] - CF

That Sinking Feeling [G] - FP

The Curry Club [G] - For janie_17

The End Of The Dream [PG] - FP

The Enforcer Of Rules [PG] - FP

The First Step Is The Hardest [G] - FP

The Flower [G] - FP

The Game's Afoot [PG] - F

The Hand [G]

The Hard Way [PG] - FP

The Letter [G] - FP

The Man Who Isn't There [G] - FP

The Morning After [PG] - Sequel To 'It's A Bag's Life'

The Morning After The Night Before... [PG-15] - CF

The Only One Of His Kind [G] - Torchwood/Doctor Who - FP

The Perfect Moment [PG]

The Suit That Turned Left [G] - Prequel To 'Ianto's Little Helper' - Meme fill for tardisjournal

The Waiting [PG] - S

Thief In The Night [PG] - SM

Third Time's The Charm [PG] - FP

Time Apart [PG] - TTaS - S

To Live Is To Fly [PG] - FP

Too Little, Too Late [G] - FP

Tosh Reincarnated [G] - FP

Tosh Takes A Trip [G] - TW-DW - B

To The Rescue [PG] - FP

Torchwood Is Ready [PG] - B

Traffic Jammed [PG] - S

Trapped In The Dark [PG-13] - FP

Treasures Untold [PG]

Unexpected News [PG] - For ssjbento & thepeachymonkey

Unexpected Snags [PG] - FP

Unheeded Warnings [PG] - B

Unidentifiable [PG] - FF

Uninvited Guest [G] - FP

Universal Truths [PG] - For beattheblackdog

Unknowing [PG] - FP

Unlikely Accident [PG] - FP

Unlikely Heroes [G] - For I love Janto

Unlikely Suspect [PG] - FF

Unrequited Love [PG] - FP

Unusual Awakening [PG] - CF

Unusual Weather Conditions [G] - FP

Unworthy [PG] - CF

Up, Up, And Away [G] - FF

Up, Up, Up! [PG-13] - FF

Valentine Planning [G] - S

Visit From A Friend [G] - FP

Waiting For Death [G] - FP

Wanderlust [G] - S

Warehouse Of Fear [PG] - FP

Waterlogged [G] - Sequel to drabble 'Soggy Situation'

We Are Sailing... [G] - FP

Week One [PG] - FP

Well Wrapped Up [PG] - CF

What Lies Beneath? [PG-15] - FP

Without A Bean [G] - FP

Without Lisa [PG-13] - FP

With The Fishes [G] - FP

Worth Celebrating [G] - FP

Wrapping Up Warm [G] - TF

You Look A Little Green [PG] - CF

You're Never Alone With Your Towel [G] - FP


Becoming Us [G]

Cuddling Up [PG]

Deserted [PG]

First Date Nerves [PG]

Fixed Points [G]

Flattery Gets You Everywhere [PG]

Guiding Light [PG]

Like A Coat From The Cold [PG]

Miracle Sleep Aid [PG]

Nosy Helps Out [G]

Say It With Flowers [G]

Small Problems - Part 1 - This Is Not Good! [PG-13]

Small Problems - Part 2 - Wild Ride [PG-13]

Small Problems - Part 3-3 - Light Through A Window Pt. 1 [PG-13]

Small Problems - Part 3-3 - Light Through A Window Pt. 2 [PG-13]

Speechless [PG]

Stages Of Life - Part 1 - Beginnings [G]

Stages Of Life - Part 2 - Getting Creative [G]

Stages Of Life - Part 3 - The Young Performers [G]

Stages Of Life - Part 4 - The Play's The Thing Pt. 1 [PG]

Stages Of Life - Part 4 - The Play's The Thing Pt. 2 [PG]

Stages Of Life - Part 4 - The Play's The Thing Pt. 3 [PG]

Stages Of Life - Part 5 - The Show Must Go On Pt. 1 [PG]

Stages Of Life - Part 5 - The Show Must Go On Pt. 2 [PG]

Stages Of Life - Part 6 - Forever And Always [PG]

Stages Of Life - Part 7-7 - Living The Dream [PG]

The Innocence Of Children [G] - Sequel to 'The Most Beautiful Sight'

The Most Beautiful Sight [PG]

The Plass In Summer [PG]


Alley Encounter [PG] - Crossover with Sanctuary

A Merciful End [PG-13]

An Important Task [G]

A Quiet Celebration [PG]

Bus Station Arrival [PG] - FF

Coat Life [G]

Different [G]

In The Valley Of Death [PG-13]

Out Of Cardiff [PG]

Restless Spirits [PG]

Setting The Doctor Straight [PG] - TW/DW

Storm Season [PG] - FF

Team Disharmony [PG]

The Park In Autumn [PG]

The Worst Best Day [PG]

Tireless [PG]

Transformed [PG]


Ianto's Blue Christmas - Part 1-2 [PG] - TF

Ianto's Blue Christmas - Part 2-2 [PG] - TF

Nigel's Cardiff Adventure - Chapter 1 of 2 [PG] - For lexxiescott

Nigel's Cardiff Adventure - Chapter 2 of 2 [PG] - For

Pushing Owen's Buttons - Part 1-2 [PG-15] - FF

Pushing Owen's Buttons - Part 2-2 [PG-15] - FF

Stranded On Halloween - Chapter 1 [PG-13] - FF

Stranded On Halloween - Chapter 2 [PG-13] - FF

Stranded On Halloween - Chapter 3 [PG-13] - FF

Stranded On Halloween - Chapter 4-4 [PG-13] - FF

Through Time And Space [PG-13] - FF

Chapter 1 - In The Dark

Chapter 2 - Explorations Part 1

Chapter 3.1 - Explorations Part 2.1

Chapter 3.2 - Explorations Part 2.2

Chapter 4 - Starsong

Chapter 5 - Contrasts

Chapter 6.1 – In Memories And Dreams Part 1

Chapter 6.2 – In Memories And Dreams Part 2

Chapter 7 – Solitary Man

Chapter 8 - Making Choices

Chapter 9 - Crossed Wires

Chapter 10 - Black Market Blues

Chapter 11 - Random Acts Of Kindness

Chapter 12 - Going Coastal

Chapter 13 - Making New Friends

Chapter 14 - Memories & Plans

Chapter 15 - Chance Encounter

Chapter 16 - Courses Of Action

Chapter 17.1 - In The Midnight Hour Part 1

Chapter 17.2 - In The Midnight Hour Part 2

Chapter 18 - A Merry Dance

Chapter 19.1 - Undoing The Past Part 1

Chapter 19.2 - Undoing The Past Part 2

Chapter 20 - United In Sorrow And Joy

Chapter 21 - To End Is To Begin Again

Chapter 22 - Sleepless In Space

Chapter 23 - Adrift

Chapter 24 - What Once Was Lost

Chapter 25 - Who I Am With You

Chapter 26 - Cake And Celebrations

Ten Years [G] - S


See Drabble Master List Here...

The Twelve Days Of Riftmas Master Post


Wow you have a lot for me to read lol! I will enjoy every moment I assure you. Now off to begin reading and comment when I do.
Have fun! I keep my Master List right up to date by adding each newe fic or drabble as soon as it's posted, so everything is here.

The Plass In Summer

That was a beautiful story. If only the series would have ended that way. It would have been stunning. gail

Re: The Plass In Summer

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, I wish it could have ended this way too. At least it can in my head!

Re: The Plass In Summer

This is one of my all-time favorite stories, too. Good choice. I'm still thinking.

Re: The Plass In Summer

I'm glad you like it so much! =D

Thank you!

Re: The Plass In Summer

Have I not mentioned that before? I love it. Truly.

This bit captures them all so well:
"In the centre of the group was a
sour-faced man with a strident voice that carried easily across the
distance, even though she couldn’t tell what he was saying. To his left
walked a pretty Oriental woman who was deep in conversation with Suit
Guy. She wondered if this was Suit Guy’s significant other. The last
member of the group was a busty brunette, hanging on to Coat Guy’s arm
and talking non-stop. Coat Guy didn’t seem to be listening, he was
watching Suit Guy from the corner of his eye, a wistful expression on
his face."

It's all such a synopsis of their relationship, just looked on from someone else's eyes,and that makes it so real. And the last section just made it perfect. I keep my most favs on my older Kindle (also on Dropbox and on my hard drive, just in case), and this was one of the first ones to go there.

It's kind of the perfect story.

Re: The Plass In Summer

With all the stories I've written and all the comments I've received, literally numbering in the thousands, it's really hard to keep track of who has sad what.

Thank you, I really liked that part myself, trying to see the team from an outsider's POV, so I'm glad it worked for you. I'm flattered that you like it so much! It does seem to be one of my most popular fics. =)

Re: The Plass In Summer

Didn't actually expect you to know if I'd said before or not. LOL
It's a good story, I see why it's so popular.

Re: The Plass In Summer

It's one of my own favourites.

Falling Asleep on the Job is another that gets a lot of hits. Sometimes it surprises me which ones have the most appeal, it's not always those I think I did the best job on or the ones I like best.

Edited at 2015-11-05 10:01 pm (UTC)

Re: The Plass In Summer

Yeah, liked that one, too. I loved the idea that he keeps a few shelves clear for napping on. That is so something he would do. :)

Re: The Plass In Summer

Napping is important in a job like Torchwood. Provision needs to be made for suitable napping places ;)

Re: The Plass In Summer

Napping is important regardless. Sometimes I nap whether I want to or not. My body just says, we're doing this now, so get over it. Yes, bod. whatever you want. LOL I know, my proofreading skills are taking a...nap.

Re: The Plass In Summer

I'm off to bed in a minute for a proper sleep, have managed to stay awake today but I'm seriously beat from having a few bad nights.

Re: The Plass In Summer

Sleep well, then. Good night.