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June 2017



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Drabble: Jumping The Gun




Title: Jumping The Gun

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Owen, Jack, Ianto, Team

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 272 – Jump The Gun at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Owen lands himself in a predicament…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters




Crashes and clatters sounded from the autopsy bay, accompanied by increasingly girly screams of “Get it off! GET IT OFF!” from Owen.


Ambling over to see what was happening, the team were treated to the unusual sight of Owen flailing about with the tentacled creature they’d found earlier wrapped firmly around his head.


After several minutes, Jack managed to prise the poor creature off, leaving Owen slumped on the floor, gasping for breath.


“I know I’m not the medical expert here, but I thought you were supposed to wait until something was dead before performing an autopsy,” Ianto commented mildly.


The End


Yeah, I can see how tentacle guy would be a bit miffed about that... now I want to get out the plasticine and put some tentacles around my "Owen" figure... good thing is, you could not see his face at all LOL

I might just do that. Or do you want to do it?

(you know, I even bought myself some tiny test tubes and medicine bottles, to be able to decorate the autopsy room once I have made that Owen figure. I migh rush things a bit forward, in that case - oh, you are giving me ideas, lady! Bad at this time of the evening. Very bad indeed. Now I have to wait till tomorrow for daylight)
You go ahead - I don't have an Owen stand-in (though I have just bought a herd of Weevils so my boys can go Weevil hunting - and another Jack because he was part of the package deal, lol!)

I plan to do a similar thing with Jack and Ianto and a tentacled thing, but I'd love to see my drabble scene come to life!

Tentacled guy wasn't seriously hurt, he soon recovered and I believe he set up home in the rift pool, though he kept well away from Owen.

I'm waiting for good weather before I do anything more elaborate than the occasional picture. I also need some more props...

I decided to do it properly, so making the pictures will take a bit longer, but I have finally started work on my Owen figure! Thanks, that was the final push I needed. I'm only talking about it for two years now or so ;)

Because this is a classic autopsy bay scene, so he needs to have his coat. I use a Toby figure. Don't remember but someone once said that would be good to use.

Aha, Weevil hunting, so that's what they call it these days LOL

Oh, I look forward to your take on the tentacle then as well!

Hehe, another pet? What will Myfanwy say?

Good luck with your other pictures then, and one can never have too many props! I should know...
My boys do like their pets! Myfanwy, Nosy, Velvet the shrodlet and now a tentacled thing!

This drabble is another one I might like to extend, I just wish I had more time and energy for writing. It's a bad time of year for me though, I'm very letharic and hard to motivate from early December until the end of February. I look forward to seeing your action figure version!

In more action figure news, the guy who sold me the weevils and extra Jack had some leftover Doctor figures, he said if I wanted any of them I could have them at half price with no extra postage! I couldn't afford all of them, but I got a Ninth Doctor and an Eleventh Doctor. This probably means I need another Double bed....
The Ninth and Eleventh Doctor in one bed? Now I've seen it all LOL
LOL! Yeah, it would be very strange. Maybe I should pair each Doctor with one of my Flightsuit Jacks instead? At least the Ninth Doctor would find that familiar. I'm sure Eleven would adapt. That would leave Coat Jack with the new Torchwood Jack.

The weevils might have to act as stand-ins for any characters I don't have, lol!
Just so you know, today I got out the medicine bottles and the test tubes and I just created the most wonderful tentacle guy... he is blue with big cute eyes! I can't wait to show this to you!
I'm so excited! Can't wait to see him! Look out, Owen! Tentacled guy is coming to get you!
Did you get an e-mail notification for my comment? I did not yet get yours. A lot of the past days are still missing. I am not the only one with this problem. So in case you are wondering why nobody replies - just check in LJ itself, there might be comments.

Anyway, her is a little teaser picture. Hope you like your tentacle guy!

 photo teaser599x600.jpg
Heehee! He's so cute, and a lovely shade of blue!

Yes, I did get notification of your comment, but it's hit and miss at the moment - some I get, some I don't. Typical of LJ though, yet another thing that's not working properly.
I saw your reply earlier, but I got the notification TODAY. A lot of old ones have come in recently. Hope they fixed now what was wrong.

Right from first reading your drabble, he always was blue in my eyes, really couldn't be any other color LOL

I didn't have the heart to destroy him after picture taking, so he is still with us, in the box with all the Torchwood figures. Who knows, he could become a new team member or pet or something!
In my mind, he's still living with Torchwood in the pool at the base of the water tower. He stays well away from Owen though!
Ha ha ha ha ha. Ianto is right Owen. Did Ianto take pictures so Owen can relive the event?
I'm sure the CCTV took care of pictures - Tosh is saving the footage to disc.

Owen was in a hurry, he wanted to leave work early. I think he's planning something for Valentine's Day. Shhh, though, don't tell Tosh!

Thank you.
Thank you, glad you found it amusing!

I wanted to make up for last week's depressing drabble, it was uncharacteristically gloomy so I needed something more cheerful this week!
Leave it to Owen? Poor tentacled creature is probably scared out of it's life!
Yeah, Owen was in a hurry to finish work. Poor tentacled creature! Thankfully it wasn't seriously damaged and will have a long and happy life in the rift pool. It'll keep well clear of Owen in future though!

Thank you!
Hehe! Oh, poor Owen. No, scrap that - poor little tentacled creature!!!
Yeah, mustn't feel too sorry for Owen, it was his own fault! Tentacled creature made a full recovery, with some tlc from Ianto. Now it lives in the rift pool, making rude gestures at Owen.

Thank you.
ROFL! What a mental image. Silly Owen.
Very silly Owen! No tentacled creatures were harmed in the writing of this fic, lol!

dieastra is planning an action figure re-enactment, so look out for that at some point!

Thank you.
No tentacled creatures were harmed, but Owen's dignity took a beating! Oh well. It wasn't like he had much to begin with. ;)

Now coming soon to an action figure theater near you! Looking forward to it. :)
Yeah, dignity and Owen don't really go together!
hahahahah and I am sure that that CCTV is going to be teasing material for long!
Oh yes, you can be sure of that! Tosh is saving it to disc, it's so entertaining! Owen will be much more careful in future.

Thank you!
Ianto has always the very innocent sentence and but true: LOL.
I'm glad to know that the poor creature is safe and has private pool!
Ianto will take good care of it.
Owen doesn't usually make such careless mistakes, but Ianto thought it best to remind him anyway.

The creature is very happy now, Ianto takes very good care of it and Jack helps. It likes them, but it's not fond of Owen!

Thank you.
Hehe love it!
Thank you! I have a fondness for tentacled things. (It was fine after some tlc from Ianto.)
I so love Ianto's sarcastic humor!
Yeah, he loves to point out what should be obvious to Owen! Sly digs at Owen are one of Ianto's chief delights =)

Thank you!
Oh that would have been a sight, hee hee poor owen.
Thank you!

Yeah, it would be quite a sight - and if dieastra can create an Owen figure, we might well get to see it!
Great drabble
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.