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Ianto Little Smile

September 2017



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The Oncoming Coat

Drabble: A Long Awaited Sound

Title: A Long Awaited Sound

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 276 – Sound at tw100

Spoilers: End Of Days, Captain Jack Harkness.

Summary: Jack’s been waiting for so long.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

It had been a rough few days, Jack thought. Dragged back to 1941 with Tosh, he’d thought they might be trapped there but they’d made it back, only for time to start splintering.

Rhys died, the team mutinied, Owen killed him and he’d revived as the Hub began to crumble, courtesy of the now dangerously unstable Rift.

Then he’d sacrificed himself to defeat Abaddon, returning to life days later, his team guilt-ridden over their betrayal.

He needed a vacation.

As if on cue, he heard the sound he’d waited over a century to hear.

Somewhere above, the TARDIS was materialising.

The End


The TARDIS sound sends chills down *my* spine. I can only imagine how Jack must have felt!

And then that dream turned into a nightmare of epic porportions. :(

Great use of the prompt!

Yeah, Jack was overjoyed at first, but he was soon wishing he was home in bed with his nice hot Welshman.

I felt I should do something canon with the prompt but it took a while to come up with a sound from the series that would work. While I waited for inspiration to strike, I wrote three other drabbles, lol! I'll have to post one a day....

Thank you =)
Three!?! You're on a roll! I look forward to them. :)
Yeah, I was seriously lagging behind in my attempt to write 100 drabbles this year, I had about 6 weeks of only writing one a week so I needed to carch up a bit and this proved a good prompt for that. So, three silly drabbles over the next three days will give me 21 for the year so far. I reckon I need 25 every 3 months, but if I can get a bit ahead it'll allow me some leeway in case of prompts that don't prove so inspiring.

Of the three I have left, two are Ianto and one is Nosy. I put it to a vote on ff.net to see what people wanted next, so do you have a preference?
I'll vote for Nosy to be up first. Love that Fluff. :) (Of course, I love Ianto too but there's several places I can read about him!)

How are the drabbles working for you on ff.net? I've not put mine anywhere but here. I've debated migrating over to AO3 and ff.net with them but didn't know if there would be much interest.
Your vote has been added to the Nosy column. ;)

My drabbles seem to be doing well on ff.net. I'm posting them as a collection - 52 drabbles, 205 reviews, that's somewhere around 3.8 reviews per drabble. My last drabble has 87 hits and the one before has 95.

I don't get a lot of reviews on AO3 but I get kudos for almost all of them so I'm well satisfied with the response.
Oh, well-done! You deserve it. :)

Sounds like there is an audience for Torchwood drabbles out there, then. I'm always pleasantly surprised there is one here on LJ. The last couple of fandoms I was in were pretty indifferent to them.

Of course, part of the problem could have been me! It took me a long time to figure out how to craft them. Writing "short" has never been my forte. :-p
I didn't believe I could write anything that short - until I wrote one! Now there's no stopping me, lol!

I think it helps that there's an actual drabble community for Torchwood - and possibly that fans are starving for Torchwood fic of any length since the show was brutally killed. They need their fix and even 100 words will stave off the hunger pangs for a bit, lol!
Me neither! I used to scribble out 350 words (my idea of "short") and then try to cut it down to 100. That so doesn't work! :-p But they're addictive once you get the hang of them. :)

I think you're right on both counts. Having the dedicated comm (with its very supportive members!) helps, as well as a having bunch of fans who never got closure. If the show had been allowed to age gracefully with the original cast over several years we might not be so rabid. :-p
*sigh* And we'd still be watching Jack and Ianto's relationship evolve, and there'd be a happy ending with Ianto becoming immortal and going off to travel the universe with Jack (or possibly Jack becoming mortal and settling down with Ianto for a long and happy life together).
Really liked this, so much put across in so few words, excellent use of the prompt, and poor Jack with his vacation about to turn into the Holiday from Hell !
Thank you!

Yes, I'm sure he was soon wishing he'd just stayed home where there was a hot Welshman bearing coffee!

I bet JAck wishes he didn't hear that after the year from hell.
Yeah, he wishes he'd gone on the coffee run with Ianto instead of staying in the Hub. The result would have been much more enjoyable.

Thank you.
One vaction spent in "Hell"!
Yep! If Jack had known that in advance, he would have stayed home.

Thank you.
Vacation ? You must be joking ! No doubt, If he had known what to expect, he would have stayed where he was. Well done ! I love it.
Well, Jack thought so when he heard the TARDIS. He soon learned how wrong he was though, he was soon wishing he'd just stayed home.

Thank you. I have three more drabbles for this prompt, so I'll post them over the next three days. I'm nearly back on schedule for writing 100 drabbles this year. Hopefully the next few prompts will be kind to me as well so that I can get a bit ahead.

Poor Jack!
The sound of his dreams heralded his mightmare.
Yeah, he looked so happy, thinking he'd be reunited with the Doctor and Rose, and that the Doctor would be able to fix him, but instead it's a different Doctor who can't stand the sight of him, doesn't want anything to do with him if he can help it and then Jack spends a year being tortured and killed. No wonder Jack turned down the Doctor's offer to travel with him - he had people at home who really cared about him.

Thank you.
Yeah, not quite a vacation with the Doc there... that made me feel really sad. Briliant though!
It was sad. Jack looked so excited and hopeful when he heard the TARDIS, but then it all turned into a nightmare instead of the fun he'd been expecting. I bet he wished he'd just stayed home.
Ooh yes. THE sound.
Really HAD to use that - though it took me a while to realise that was the most obvious sound to use in the whole Whoniverse....

Thank you!
Brilliant use of this prompt, great drabble.
Thank you. It actually took me a while to realise that the most appropriate sound to use what that of the TARDIS, lol. It's only the most recognisable sound in the whole Whoniverse. *rolls eyes at self* Sometimes my brain fails to notice the obvious...
Very powerful
Thank you. I wanted to write something canon-based for the prompt and the TARDIS makes the most iconic sound in the Whoniverse. Had to do a fair bit of editing though!
vacation?!! argh
poor Jack if he knew ....
Yes, poor Jack needed a vacation, but what he got was even worse than what he'd already been through. If he'd known, I think he would have ignored the TARDIS and probably hidden under his bed.

Thank you.

(Love your cute dragon icon!)
I really like this! It's great insight into Jack's POV.
Thank you. He really went through a lot when I thought about it, it's hardly surprising that he wanted to get away for a bit. Sadly, his 'vacation' turned into a nightmare.
By some time, I would put a small dragon that I made in glass beads.