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Ianto Little Smile

April 2019



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Doctor, I Wish

Doctor Who Drabble: Contradiction

Title: Contradiction
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Martha Jones, Tenth Doctor.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 197: Green Day, using Walking Contradiction at dw100.
Spoilers: Smith and Jones.
Summary: The Doctor looks like anyone else, but he’s not.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the characters.

He looks like anyone else really, just another ordinary guy, albeit with wild hair and a manic grin. When he accosts her on the street and takes his tie off, Martha thinks he’s a bit weird, but then, so are a lot of people.

He’s not what he looks like though, because he has two heartbeats. Turns out he’s an alien from another planet, and over nine hundred years old. No way anyone would believe that just looking at him.

He’s a walking, talking, living, breathing contradiction, and Martha’s sure she’s barely scratched the surface. She’s desperate to know more.

The End



Great drabble
Thank you!

That was some genetic transfer.
Indeed it was! Lucky Martha...

First day, first kiss. What did Rose get?

Okay, it's not a competition.:)
Dragged all over London, that's what, lol!

No, it isn't, but it's interesting to make comparisons!
Rose wasn't even in control for both situations. That sounds bad.:(

Edited at 2018-01-09 05:28 am (UTC)
She was just a teenager who got caught up in something.

I liked they way Martha kept her professionalism when the hospital wound up on the moon.
I think Martha was the type to keep level headed. Her family seemed to depend on her to be the peacemaker. At least until "the year that never was". Although she did decided to stay with them afterwards.

Edited at 2018-01-11 10:17 am (UTC)
She was more mature than Rose, and less given to flights of fancy. She helped the Doctor a lot more than he gave her credit for, but after The Year, she knew she needed to be with her family. She might have lost them, after all, and anyway she'd had her fill of travelling.
Martha's time on the TARDIS was more of a break from her everyday responsibilities than a life style choice. It was good that she knew her worth and didn't need to be validated by the Doctor in the end.

Edited at 2018-01-12 08:30 am (UTC)
Yes, that's very well put. She always intended to return and qualify as a Doctor, she was getting away from her squabbling family for a bit.

Where's a time machine when you need one?

Funnily enough I dreamt last night of going back in time to see my cats.:(
Yeah, we could all use that escape occasionally.

I dreamed about Martha helping me hide something from some bad guys. o_O

Bittersweet seeing your cats, I imagine. *hugs*

The subconscious mind is mysterious.

I have a video of my cats that I recorded off my phone. I'm at peace when I see it. I thought this meant I would be fine with getting another cat.

However, I saw online a story about a cat. The owner uploaded a video of the cats last moments, breathing heavily because he was ill and most likely trying to live for his owner. It made me cry.:(

I told my brother about it and he said that as owners we are their guardians as pet owners. It makes me conflicted.
Maybe you'd better give yourself a little longer before getting another cat, sounds like you might have a few things to work through.

Posting that video, in fact videoing the cat's last moments, seems cruel to me. Who would do that? The owner should have been comforting the cat =(

We are guardians to our furry friends, but that's a good thing. We care for them and give them happy lives, and they reward us with their love and affection, and their company. Yes, it hurts to lose them, but nothing lives forever, and we have wonderful memories of the joy they bought us.

I was afraid that it might sound bad. I saw it in Quora the Q&A website and they were answering the question of whether cats get emotionally attached to their owners like dogs.

I guess you have to see it in content otherwise I would have been crying for different reasons.

I don't know for sure what the owner was thinking but I was definitely too stress when my cats were showing signs of getting very ill to prolong the inevitable.

That's the risk in letting myself love a cat again. Sometimes animals are more loyal than humans.

Edited at 2018-01-14 11:54 am (UTC)
I think that's often the case. Animals are more accepting, less judgemental, and a lot kinder than most people. I generally prefer them to people.

Yeah. They don't talk back.:)

But seriously, you have a better idea what to expect from animals compared to people even though animals can have their own unique personalities too.
All my guinea pigs had very different personalities, but they were all sweet and friendly. Animals don't betray you, and they're not mean.

Yeah. Sometimes my cats would act guilty if they misbehave so I couldn't stay mad at them.:D

Plus animals are so adorable.:)
Animals are intelligent in their own ways, and they have feelings. Cats and dogs especially know when they've done something they shouldn't.

They make me happy =D

Yeah. I get what you mean.:)
All animals have feelings and emotions though, and should be treated well. Too many aren't.

It really shouldn't be an issue but some human beings are beyond selfish and cruel.:(

There was the real life story about the bear, lion and tiger who shared an emotional bond due to their mistreatment as cubs.

The zoo that tooked care of them named the trio BLT because they shared one sanctuary due to their close friendship.

It's rare for animals of different species to get along. It is only in this instance that it happen.

That's pretty amazing, but good that they found support in each other.

Animals are extraordinary, there's so much we still don't understand about them.

I think humans can learn a lot from animals. At least from the ones with amazing behavioural traits.

Edited at 2018-01-29 11:46 am (UTC)
I think so too. =)