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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Come Back, Jack Harry Teesdale

Title: Come Back, Jack Harry Teesdale

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Team.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 288, Week 2 – Reverse fandom – Last of the Summer Wine at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: The team get a brief glimpse into Jack’s post-war past.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Episode title = drabble title. It’s just easier that way.

Ianto came up from the archives chuckling, waving an old newspaper.

“You lot have got to see this!”

Gathering around him, they looked at the paper, The South Glamorgan Gazette, 20th August 1949.

The front page held a grainy photograph captioned ‘Jack Harry Teesdale of Cardiff displays his prize-winning leek at the South Glamorgan Agricultural show.’

Jack, dressed in his usual attire minus the coat, beamed out at them from under a flat cap, holding up a gigantic leek.

Everyone giggled.

“Teesdale?” inquired Ianto.

Jack was unapologetic.

“Couldn’t use my real name. I won ten shillings for Best In Show!”

The End


I can see Jack doing that. Perhaps one of my relatives who grew their own in the area might have been in competition with him!
It could be! And if so, they're probably still grumbling about that flash bloke who took Best In Show!

Thank you!
hahaha that is so Jacklike!
Thank you!

I really like this one, the idea just came so easily, I knew exactly what I wanted, just needed to choose a date and a suitable prize!
The question is did Jack cheat?
We will probably never know, because Jack's not saying!

I don't think so though, he may cheat at naked hide and seek but that's a different matter. I think he was just doing his part in the post-war effort, growing veg just like so many others were because the country would still be on rationing for several years and he knew it, even if others didn't. He was proud to grow that prize winning leek!

Thank you!
Jack has the biggest 'leak' in town. Why am I not surprised...Bwahahaha!

Bigger is always better, as far as Jack's concerned!

Thank you!
heehee, Ill just bet he won best in show,

Great drabble.
But Best what in show is what Ianto wants to know!

(Okay, yeah, it was the leek - a very fine specimen - but we all know that since meeting Jack, Ianto's mind has taken a turn towards the smutty!)

Thank you!
So Jack always in the front for attention!
He claims he HAD to be in the photograph, his leek wouldn't stand up on its own, lol!

Thank you!

Edited at 2013-07-06 03:44 pm (UTC)
The picture of Jack and the leek had me cracking up XD
It had the same effect on the team!

It was a big deal to Jack though, the prize for Best in Show was a big deal and the leek would have made a tasty addition to a few dinners. Leek soup maybe...

Thank you!
Your imagination knows no bounds this week! The fic fits the prompt perfectly, but it is such an obscure subject what on earth made you think of using it for this prompt?
Thank you =D

I really don't know now where the idea came from, I just thought it had to be an alias for Jack and it just fit a prize vegatable grower. I liked the idea of doing something set in a period of Jack's past that we don't really know anything about.

Must admit it's my favourite drabble this week, and one of my favourites out of all the drabbles I've written - over 100 now! o.O
Lol. It does fit a vegetable grower :-)

100+ drabbles is good going! I remember when you said you couldn't write drabbles.... :-p

I must have done around 100 now too - I joined LJ at the end of july last year (Can't believe I've been here a year!). My favourite drabble that I have written is still my second ever one though http://timelordshines.livejournal.com/1313.html
Yeah, that IS a very good one, making sense of an annoying scene =)

I guess I have a few favourites of my own, including my Mainframe/Hand in Jar pairing. I can't even remember half of what I've written now, lol!

Heh, I remember that too. Apparently I was wrong!
Very clever!
Thank you! This is one of my favourite drabbles I think, I just loved the thought of Jack in post-war Britain growing veg!
Must stop giggling to leave review.
Jack and leeks, giggles madly.
Glad I gave you something to giggle at! Jack was very proud of his giant leek!

Thank you.