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Ianto Little Smile

February 2019



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Doctor, I Wish

Doctor Who Drabble: Guilty

Title: Guilty
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Ninth Doctor.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 199: Denunciation at dw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: The Doctor is in trouble with the locals.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the characters.

“You did wilfully aid the guilty to escape; by our laws, that is a serious crime. What have you to say in your defence?”

As denunciations went, the Doctor considered this one rather tame.

“Guilty? It was a goat!”

“It committed a theft. It broke into Goodman Durren’s orchard and ate the fallen apples that were to be made into cider.”

“Then Goodman Durren should build a better fence. That one wouldn’t keep anything out.”

“Nevertheless, a crime was committed.”

“It was a GOAT! You people have way too much time on your hands if you go around prosecuting livestock.”

The End


Hahahah OMW I loved this.

great drabble
The Doctor does not suffer fools gladly!

Thank you.

Well, its a good thing that the goat has the Doctor there as his/her defence.
The Doctor knows goats can't help behaving like goats. They don't understand the concept of 'property'.

Thank you!

I'm just imagining the poor goat on trial.*pets goat*

The Doctor freed it before the trial could begin. Maybe it's in the TARDIS now, with the horse ;)

I love that!:D

The more the merrier.:)
There's always room for one more!

Its that whole Dr Dolittle thing we were discussing in another post.:)
Yes, exactly!