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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Dee & Ryo

FAKE Ficlet: Passion’s Aftermath

Title: Passion’s Aftermath
Fandom: FAKE
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Dee, Ryo.
Rating: PG-15
Setting: Vol. 7, Act 20.
Summary: Dee’s got his second chance with Ryo, and this time he isn’t holding anything back!
Word Count: 619
Written For: Jae’s Monthly Drabble Challenge 143 - Passion, Pillow, Proper.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

Dee isn’t kidding when he tells Ryo he’s not holding back this time. He has no reason to because he loves Ryo and Ryo loves him, which makes everything perfect as they soar together to the giddiest heights of passion before crashing back down to earth. Ryo simply collapses, as if every muscle in his body has turned to jelly and won’t support him anymore, sprawling face down against the pile of pillows.

Dee just manages to avoid landing on top of him as his own legs give out, twisting to his right so that he flops down on the bed beside his lover. They’re both sweating and breathing hard, the natural result of enjoying great sex, and Dee for one is still floating on an endorphin high. He feels amazing! Ryo, on the other hand…

In retrospect, maybe he should have held back just a smidge because Ryo looks about done in. There’s a dazed expression on his beautiful face, his eyes are unfocused, and though Dee can’t swear to it, he thinks his lover may have passed out for a moment when he came.

‘Oh yeah! I’m good!’ There’s a smug flavor to the thought, which matches the smug grin on Dee’s face. If he had the energy, he’d jump up and punch the air, shouting WOOHOO! He’s not entirely sure Ryo would appreciate the sentiment, however; maybe he should save the self-congratulations for later, in private. Besides, he’s enjoying lying here looking at Ryo, all deliciously mussed and gorgeous, his face flushed and his hair all over the place.

Dee’s starting to feel a bit chilly as he cools down, so he stirs himself enough to pull the covers out from under Ryo and up over both of them. Wouldn’t do for his baby to catch a chill. Ryo helps as much as he’s able, but he’s not used to being so thoroughly loved so about all he has the strength for is lifting himself a few inches off the mattress. Dee doesn’t miss the wince as his lover shifts position and flops down on his belly once more. Yep, he’s gonna be a bit sore for a while, but it’ll pass.

It’s thirst that makes Dee finally consider moving from his comfy position and he rouses himself, rolling onto his back, fully intending to go in search of something cool and wet.

“I’m thirsty. You want me to get you something too?” His words aren’t intended to cause offence, but somehow they do anyway. Ryo always has to be a proper host and seems to think it’s wrong for Dee to be offering to get him a drink when they’re in his apartment and he should be the one offering the refreshments.

“Offer all you like,” Dee tells him, unable to hold back a smirk, “but I doubt you could even stand up right now, much less walk.”

“And whose fault is that?” Ryo sounds so adorably grumpy that Dee has to swallow a laugh, not wanting to annoy his lover further. He’s still willing to fetch drinks for them both, but Ryo doesn’t seem to want him to leave the bed, and who is he to argue with what his baby wants? He can wait for a drink if it means snuggling with his lover for a bit longer. Maybe he can interest Ryo in a second round of lovin’, but probably not; he’ll be way too tender and probably wouldn’t enjoy it. The last thing Dee wants is to hurt Ryo, or put him off sex.

Kissing is safe enough though, and guaranteed completely painless.

What better way could there be to end a perfect evening than smooching with the one you love?

The End


Rowr! That's one of my favorite scenes, too, where Dee makes that crack about how Ryo can't walk. Ha ha! Love it! Thanks so much for the entry!
The expression on Ryo's face at that moment just kills me, he looks totally ravished, lol!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!
True! I think one of my favorite "Ryo expressions" is the scene where Dee wakes him up, then asks if they can have a quick screw before they head to work.


Although, that scene makes me want to rewrite it, and have Ryo agree...

YOU SHOULD REWRITE IT! Give in to your impulses ;)

I love grumpy Ryo in the firing range scenes in Vol. 3, just after Dee rescues him from almost getting smooched in Rose's office. I so want an icon of that look!