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Ianto Little Smile

February 2019



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Doctor, I Wish

Doctor Who Drabble: Don’t Pet The Aliens

Title: Don’t Pet The Aliens
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Rose, Tenth Doctor, Aliens.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 203: Waddle / Waffle / Wattle at dw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: Some aliens aren’t quite as friendly as they look.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the characters

Rose was completely enchanted by the natives of this planet. The squat, pastel coloured creatures were barely waist-high to her, densely furred ovals perched precariously on a pair of short, stumpy legs. Because of their oversized, flat feet they didn’t walk so much as waddle.

They swarmed around her, peering up at her from round, black eyes on retractable stalks, whistling to each other in their native language, and patting her with broad, fuzzy flippers, like the wings of penguins.

“Aren’t you adorable!” she exclaimed, reaching to stroke one.

“Careful!” the Doctor warned, a little too late.


“They bite.”

The End


The Doctor should have a look but don't touch rule.
Rose probably wouldn't listen anyway.

Thank you!

She also wandered off.

Kids never listen as they say.
Yes, the Doctor is better off with more mature companions.

A teacher I had told me one disadvantage of her job was making sure kids behaved on excursions.
I should think it's like trying to herd cats.

They wouldn't stop touching stuff at the museum which made her anxious. They didn't see it as a big deal.:(

I'd rather deal with cats than kids. I did one day of childcare for work experience as a senior in high school. I'm just not confident about it.
Kids are like that.

I babysat twice for older children and hated it. There's a reason I never had kids.

I wonder what makes them like that as I didn't act that way as a kid.*shrugs*

Kids either find me strange or they are way too comfortable with me.:)

I think it is wise to choose not to have kids. Its a huge responsibility that is unpredictable. For me, if I do have a kid, I hope that I'm wise enough to nurture them.
I blame the parents; they don't seem to teach the 'Look but don't touch' rule these days. Mum drummed that into me when I was little.

They were a responsibility I neither wanted nor needed. I never had a desire to be a parent and I refused to be guilted into something I didn't want. I'm sure you'll do fine if you choose to have kids. You have common sense, which too many people these days seem to have been born without.

I agree.

A nun asked me why I'm not married? Should I ask her why she became a nun?

It should be illegal for adults who are not emotionally intelligent to have kids. Speaking from bad experiences from my dad.

Now I just answer as truthfully as I can to personal questions. If they don't like the answer it is their issue.
Really it's nobody's business whether you're married or not, or have children or not. If someone asked me, that's what I'd tell them. Such things are personal, and not always a matter of choice.

Too many people who have children are unsuitable to be parents.

Etiquette should be taught at school to avoid this. Although certain cultures can have different perspective's on what is appropriate.

I know some people find it rude to ask a persons age, whereas I'm fine with it. I think it depends on the dynamic of the relationship or who is asking.

Some people just lack certain social norms because they weren't taught by their parents or grew up in an environment that demonstrated this.
Should of asked the Doctor before trying to pet them LOL

great drabble
It is always best to ask first!

Thank you!