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Ianto Little Smile

December 2018



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Doctor Who Drabble: Keeping Busy

Title: Keeping Busy
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Amy, Rory.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 203: Waddle / Waffle / Wattle at dw100.
Spoilers: The Power Of Three.
Summary: The Doctor isn’t good at waiting.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the characters

Having the Doctor staying with them is… well, it’s not that Amy and Rory don’t want him there, he’s their friend, it’s just that he can’t sit still for five minutes, always has to keep busy. Everyone else has to be patient, waiting for the mysterious cubes to do something, anything, but the Doctor doesn’t do patience.

It’s maddening, but even Rory can’t deny the Doctor’s trying to be useful, some of the time anyway. He creosotes the fence, mows the lawn, does the vacuuming… He’s both the best and the worst houseguest ever.

But he does make excellent waffles.

The End


LOL great drabble
Thank you!

The Doctor doing domestics!:D
He got a lot done though...

Thank you!

He was very good at it.:)
Worth keeping him around ;)

Too bad he hates it. He is really good at it.:)

Well, he is.:D

I wish I had that skill where I'm good at something useful even if I don't like it. I hope I make sense.:)
I'm good at several things I don't like doing, so I get what you mean. It's useful even though it doesn't make the tasks any more enjoyable.

I'm glad.:)

I meant it was good that you can do useful stuff. I didn't realise I was being funny?.:)
No, I was just agreeing, that's me smiling, not laughing.

Bit stressed at the moment - some troll on ff.net has stolen one of my FAKE fics, added really vile and disgusting content, and is passing it off as her own, she's even taunting me because I replied to her trollish review of my fic. *sighs* I don't need this. I wish ff.net would get off their backsides and ban this individual. They've been sent more than a dozen reports of abuse, but two days on... Still there.


I read your post about it. There is obviously something wrong with this person. I guess them taking your work can be seen as a compliment.

I hope it gets sorted out real soon.*hugs*
Except it's not, since they trashed it in their review, then 'improved' on it by adding sickening material to it. I'm so angry at the moment, I just want them banned, but the site is taking forever to deal with the individual responsible.

It's pathetic, infantile behaviour though, and I will never understand what they think they're achieving. All they're really doing is humiliating themselves. They're a laughing stock.

It sounds like they like the attention and get satisfaction from annoying you. Which is pretty twisted but who can really understand these kinds of people.

Take care.*hugs*
Yeah, and they did the same to another writer, so a lot of people have reported them. I'm hoping ff.net wil take notice and ban them, the sooner the better.

I've heard other writers complaining about ff.net in one way or another so just hang in there.
Plagiarisers do get banned, but sometimes it takes a while. I guess they're juggling a lot over there, hundreds of fics uploaded daily in hundreds of fandoms. Just got to be patient.

Yes. A lot of paperwork and sometimes there are misunderstandings.
Hopefully they'll deal with this one soon, she's stolen a story from one of my friends now, although she doesn't know that. So I and a lot of other people have reported that theft too.

There should be some penalty for what she has done. Shameful.
Plagiarisers usually get banned from the site, but it's been a week and still no action has been taken. I'll try contacting them on their support email again.