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Ianto Little Smile

January 2019



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It's no exaggeration to say I feel violated. Someone on FF.Net has taken one of the stories I posted last night (a FAKE ficlet titled 'A Hearty Breakfast), added vile and repulsive content to it, and posted it as their own work. They've also done the same with another story by somone else in a different fandom.

I don't get what makes someone like this tick. This person also had the nerve to 'review' my story before stealing it, if they hadn't I might not have learned about the sickening plagiarism because I went to their profile page looking for a way to ban them or report them. I'm both glad and sorry I found out, because I can't un-see what they added to my story.

I've reported them, so I only hope that will help. If any of you have acounts on FF.Net, I'd appreciate your support over getting this person banned. They call themselves Horenissa.


this is disgusting, I found her and the story which she calls A breakfast to die for and I will be reporting her on that under not the property of the uploader, this is so wrong she has done this.
Thank you, it's a horrible thing to do, especially the way she's debased my work by adding such disgusting stuff to it. And not just one of my stories, but another author's too. People like this can't be allowed to get away with such behaviour.

I'm so sorry. Hopefully FF.Net will do something about it quickly.
I really hope so, it's just so sickening. Stealing the story would have been bad enough without what this person did to it.
I went and check it out - she wrote herself a review? How sad. Where do I go to report here?
Yes, so pathetic!

I think you might need an account on ff.net, but if not, at the very bottom of the story page, there's a row of three tabs. The first one says 'Actions', click that and select 'Report Abuse' then select from the menu the one that says Not the property of the uploader and write a message in the box.

Appalling! How dare they call themselves a writer. If you want to do a transformative work, you ask the writer's permission, but it sounds like this doesn't even qualify as such.
This is even worse than when people were stealing fics off AO3 and trying to sell them as ebooks. At least they weren't corrupting the author's intellectual property, though I certainly don't condone trying to make a profit off someone else's IP (even if it's fanfic).
*quietly disgusted*

Edit: even more appalled now that I've seen it. Have reported it and left a nasty "review". What a bitch!

Edited at 2018-02-16 10:22 pm (UTC)
It's horrific that anyone could stop so low, and I feel for the other victim too, who is lovely and sent me a PM this morning to offer support.

I'm waiting impatiently for ff.net to take action against this disgusting person. Thank you for taking a stand against them, I really appreciate it. People cannot be allowed to get away with such foulness.

The timing of all this, when I'm already under a lot of stress, sucks. It would be so nice to wake up in the morning and find the individual gone.

You have got to be joking. How dare they? This is just so wrong on so many levels. I can't even imagine what would motivate someone to not only steal something like that, but to change it so horribly. Hopefully, FFN will do something about it. *hugs*
Thanks *hugs*

The troll even PM'd me this morning to gloat about her 'story' and how much better it is than mine *rolls eyes* How many reports of abuse does it take ff.net before they act? Two days and the moron is still there. *sigh* I really don't need this added stress, especially not right now.

I can't imagine what's going through this person's mind. They must like shocking decent people. It's sick. From disgusted and upset, I am now officially angry.
That takes some seriously big balls...

Well, that's a new one. I've been plagiarized before, but not after someone first leaves a horrible comment on the original. I hope it's all sorted by now.
Nope, the person is still there, and sent me a PM this morning to gloat about 'her' FAKE 'fic' and how much better it is than mine, like she thought I didn't already know she'd stolen and debased my story and wanted to rub it in.

I wish ff.net would hurry up and ban this sick individual.

That is disgusting. I'm glad to hear you took the necessary steps. *massive hugs*

Thank you *hugs back*

Not that it seems to be helping, little troll is still there, 'threatening' to continue her 'game' and no amount of pointing out to her that she's just making a fool of herself is getting through. I refuse to ban her from my account because then she'll think she won some kind of victory. It's getting so I pity her, she really must be so desperate for attention that any kind will do.