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It's no exaggeration to say I feel violated. Someone on FF.Net has taken one of the stories I posted last night (a FAKE ficlet titled 'A Hearty Breakfast), added vile and repulsive content to it, and posted it as their own work. They've also done the same with another story by somone else in a different fandom.

I don't get what makes someone like this tick. This person also had the nerve to 'review' my story before stealing it, if they hadn't I might not have learned about the sickening plagiarism because I went to their profile page looking for a way to ban them or report them. I'm both glad and sorry I found out, because I can't un-see what they added to my story.

I've reported them, so I only hope that will help. If any of you have acounts on FF.Net, I'd appreciate your support over getting this person banned. They call themselves Horenissa.
Tags: angry, hugs f-list, real life, ugh

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