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I'm A Knit!

Been relaxing, watching the new series of Primeval (which is pretty good so far, although I've taken an instant dislike to Philip!) - I thought it had been canceled after the last series, so it was a nice surprise to find I was wrong!

While I watched, I knitted - not the red jumper I started last year (which I've only done the front and half a sleeve of - I will get back to that one day), but something else I'd forgotten I'd started.

I knew I had a black lacy jumper I was working on, but I've lost the pattern for that and it's a complicated design. In clearing the box room where I store all my wool, I've discovered several other part done projects - a pink baby jumper, which just needs making up, a white sleeveless  top, and the one I've been knitting tonight - I'm assuming it's going to be a jumper, though I have no idea what pattern I was using, but it's stocking stitch and only just started, so I should easily be able to find a pattern to work from. The downside is, I only have the ball of wool I'm using, I haven't found the rest yet! It's fluffy and white, with fluffy blobs of black and grey in it. So far, it looks like I'm trying to knit a slightly lumpy dalmatian. Should be interesting when it's done, assuming I can find the rest of the wool. I don't remember packing it for storage, so in theory it should still be in the box room. Maybe it'll turn up tomorrow!
Tags: craft, knitting, primeval, real life

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