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Life Sucks

My life sucks. Tomorrow is mum's 80th birthday and I've got one of my 3-day migraines.

My sister, niece and nephew will be driving up tomorrow, and my boyfriend will also be here. They are all classed as guests (even though my sister lived here for 20 years), so despite my migraine, I will be expected to serve food and drinks to everyone, as well as doing all my usual jobs of feeding and cleaning out the pets, cleaning out the fire and getting the coal in. No doubt I'll also be expected to do all the washing up generated by six people. I can't even go to my room and rest in the quiet as my room is still uninhabitable and there's nowhere to comfortably sit. Not that there will be anywhere for me to sit downstairs either. There will be six people and only seating for four, so my sister will no doubt take my chair, simply because she's older and visiting. I'll have to stand or sit on the floor.

My boyfriend has bought mum a birthday cake, which was nice of him, but it's chocolate. He knows I can't have chocolate because it gives me migraines. So tomorrow, everyone but me will be eating birthday cake. =(

In two weeks, it'll be my birthday, but no one will visit for that and I'll still have to do all my jobs, and since my migraines are every two weeks, I'll probably have a migraine then too. And I still have to sleep on the lounge floor, like I have been for at least 6 weeks. I'm fed up!
Tags: life sucks, real life

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