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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Drabble: Gnome Is Where The Heart Is

Title: Gnome Is Where The Heart Is

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, OC Gnomes

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 288, Week 3 – Reverse fandom – Last of the Summer Wine at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: There’s a situation up in the Tourist Office…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Title used was ‘Gnome And Away’

I did it! My 10th and final drabble for Week 3.

This is that rare creature, a drabble that came out at exactly 100 words with no editing!

Up in the Tourist Office, Ianto clicked on his Bluetooth.

“Jack? Can you come up here please? We have a bit of a situation.”

Not knowing what kind of situation, Jack took the Invisible Lift up so he could enter by the front door, stopping dead as soon as he was inside.

The whole office was swarming with foot-high, white-bearded little men and women, all chattering at once in surprisingly deep voices.

He looked questioningly at Ianto.


“Yes, sir, the entire Cardiff population. Apparently they’ve had a very nice visit, but they’d like to go Gnome now,” he smirked.

The End


Interesting tale on the prompt. Where did they all come from?
All the hidden corners of Cardiff, I presume! Like all little folk, they're adept at not being seen unless they want to be.

The whole thing just came to me while reading your Gnome drabble.

Thank you!
I'll bet the police are getting lots of call about missing lawn ornaments.
Haven't quite decided yet if these Gnomes were living as lawn ornaments, but it's a fun idea!
I think it works well that way. Some force comes through the rift and awakens all the frozen gnomes!
No wonder they want to go Gnome, if they've been sitting frozen solid in peoples' gardens for years! Not much of a life, lol!
And now I know where my gnome could be! (bloody bastard stole it form my front garden) :(
You're Gnomeless! That's so unfair =(

(Maybe it just went on vacation to Cardiff and will be Gnome soon).

Thank you!
Thank you! And your Gnome!

I like stone Gnomes best, they're a hardy bunch.
At least they weren't Smurfs. *shudder*
No, no Smurfs, just the common Gnome! Gnomes are better behaved.

Thank you!
LOL that last line too briliant, so very ianto to say something like that. Great drabble.
Thank you!

I could just see Ianto saying that with a smirk. He can be amazingly easy to write at times.
I love when a drabble comes in at 100 words without editing :-) and congratulations on writing 10 this week!

Very funny. The ending is priceless :-)
Thank you, I could just see ianto saying that last line!

It doesn't happen very often, but it's amazing when it does. It's only happened to me once before.

Thanks, 10 in one week is a record for me. I've only written 6 this week so far.
LOL! That must have been a sight to see. I think it's very amusing the Gnomes went to the Tourist Office to find out the best way to get home.

Being that it's actually a front for Torchwood, they might actually have something that will help them. :-p
I think the Gnomes are probably part of the Cardiff underground, they know all about Torchwood and where it's located so when the time came to go Gnome, they knew exactly where to go. Now Torchwood just has to figure out how to help them!

Thank you!
Love it - I can just see Jack's face.
Me too, and Ianto's cheeky smirk!

Thank you.
Very imaginative
Thank you! This one just popped into my head fully formed, I didn't even need to edit it.