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Ianto Little Smile

October 2018



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Ianto Little Smile


Accidentally ended up on the new version with the stupid Friends Feed and totally moronic posting page. Please can someone help me get back to the old, user-friendly style?


I think if you go to your setting page, there should be an option there to switch back.
I've tried that, searched several times, but I can't find it =C

I've had to switch back before, but this time I just can't find what I need.

Thanks for the suggestion though.
I'm so sorry I wasn't able to help you. Fingers crossed that someone else can help out.
Thanks, I'll just have to hope so.

See the comments on this old entry of mine, it may help -


I don't know if the instructions are still relevant.
Sadly the speech bubble thingy is long gone. There used to be an option to switch back under settings, but that also appears to have vanished. I might be stuck with the godawful cramped posting page permanently, which is a horrible thought, and all because of a slip of the cursor when I was trying to close a page =(

LJ sucks.

Thanks for trying though.
Have you tried to log out and log back in? I know when I get logged out, there's usually an option to switch back from the new page to the old. It's usually at the top of the page once you log back in.
I haven't tried that, but I'm wary because I have trouble logging back in on internet explorer. I think I'll battle on like this for now until I get forcibly logged out and ten try. Thanks for the advice =)
If you mean the S1 thing, I went on a hunt to try to find a solution. There's nothing in the FAQ that I can find. I think I might have to echo what milady_dragon's suggesting. Sometimes the site kicks me out (I guess my session ended, or whatever), and I think that sounds familiar. Haven't had to log back in in a while, though, so I'm not sure.

Ooh! Hang on a sec! I think I might have found something. If possible, try following this link.

Edited at 2018-04-19 07:09 am (UTC)
I tried that link, but it made it worse so I switched back to S2 again. Thanks for trying though. Looks like I'm stuck with the ugly, cramped update page where everything looks wrong and I have to fumble my way through posting. =(

S2 is better than S1, but I'd far rather the old posting page than the new monstrosity.
Damn. :( I'm sorry that it didn't help. Maybe you can get some help from Support; maybe someone there can tell you how to fix it.
I still appreciate you trying, even though it didn't help - at least it proved to me that it could be worse.

I've always found LJ 'support' worse than useless. The only good thing about this mess is that their S2 version is better than S1, which I always refused to switch to and which, on the few occasions I wound up with it accidentally, I managed to get away from back to the OLD old style, from back when LJ let us have our journals how we wanted them and didn't keep trying to foist unwanted changes on us.

I hate the newfangled update page though, nothing is familiar, the 'tag select' option lists everything in pale blue on a white background, which I have trouble seeing in daylight, and it's all cramped and blocky, like it was designed by a toddler with a set square. Huge windows for things like mood and location, which don't requite much space, a small one for tags which needs to be at least three times bigger... It's just badly thought out, like everything LJ does these days without warning or finding out if people WANT their changes. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder why I stay on LJ. There wasn't even any reason to change the update page!
I think it accidentally kicked me out. It must be that every account has a separate link for that, because I had to switch back.

Wow. That sounds really hard to work with; I don't think I'd be able to work with that, either. Pale blue on white? That's too hard for anyone to see. They really ought to announce potential changes, show a screenshot of what they're planning, and then take a vote, or let people who don't like the changes opt out.

(The CDs came today. I was not expecting so many--that was really generous! Thanks so much!)
Yeah, they just don't think. They're still trying to turn LJ into a Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr clone, and what their users think or want doesn't seem to matter to them. At least dreamwidth keeps us informed and acts fast when a problem is reported.

*grins* You're very welcome! There was no point sending a half-empty box, so I just stuffed in as many as would fit. they were less likely to get broken in transit that way. Hopefully they'll allow you to do everything you want =)