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Nice weather if you're a duck!

Oh Lord, what a day! Thunderstorms, torrential rain and I had to take Misty to the vet for his check up.

Wasn't too bad setting out. The rain was pouring by then, but I already had the garage and the drive gates open so I only had to dash through the rain for a minute. By the time I pulled out of the garage though, the rain was so heavy visibility wasn't too good, so I was driving pretty slowly and thankfully all the other drivers seemed to be taking more care than usual too. Just as well - one of the roads I have to use dips down and then up again and it's completely flooded for about 15 feet, under at least 6 inches of water. Really don't want to go through that too fast!

Thankfully, by the time I reached the vet the rain was easing up so I didn't get too wet making a dash for the waiting room. Which was packed with dogs. Felt like it anyway! One huge Husky, one chocolate Labrador and a Bull Terrier that really wanted my rabbit and nearly pulled its owner off his chair three times trying to get to him. Oh, and there was a Shih Tzu puppy too - easy to overlook among the others.

Anyway, Misty is booked in next Tuesday to have a very overgrown tooth removed. I'd hoped it wouldn't come to that, but despite his age his teeth are still growing. *sigh* George the vet did present me with a lovely bunch of homegrown carrot tops for Misty though, which was nice.

The rain held off until I was home and had the car put away, but it started up again while I was putting mum's mobility scooter back in the garage. I managed that and one of the bikes before the heavens opened, trapping me there. I figured I'd wait it out, but then along came the postman and left two parcels propped against the door of the house across the road. It's only shielded by a tiny porch overhang and the car was gone so I figured no one was home and the parcels, whatever they were, would be ruined in just a few minutes, so being the mad fool I am, I dived out in the rain, grabbed a big plastic bag from our porch and scampered across the road to wrap the parcels against the wet. Turned out the man of the house was in, but his wife had taken the keys so he couldn't open the door. I was wet by then anyway, so I passed the parcels through the window and dashed back across the road and into the garage again. There wasn't much point though, I was soaked to the skin already, so I got the other bike put away, pulled down the garage door, and got a deluge of water off it. I think most of it missed me, but I was so wet anyway it was hard to tell. I think I was laughing like a mad woman by that point, it was all so ridiculous.

I was so glad to get changed into dry clothes though. My jacket and jeans were drenched and the rain had even got inside my shoes and made my socks wet! Of course, mum had to wait until I'd changed to tell me we were out of milk, so I had to change back and go out in the rain again to the corner shop, in my wellies this time to save my feet from another soaking. What fun.

At least I'm dry now. Of course, now I'm home and indoors. it's stopped raining and the sun has come out. Typical! Maybe I can hang my wet clothes out and get them dry...
Tags: pets, real life, ugh

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