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Fic Of The Week - Week Eighty Three

It's a stormy Monday, but I've battled through the wind and rain to bring you another Fic of the Week!

Another shortie this week, just 7 chapters, Memories That Fade Like Photographs is by addictdtowords and was originally posted back in April 2008.

Summary: It seems Torchwood is always dealing with Jack's way or another.

Small warning from the author:

Notes: I created the character Sydney, and as far as I know she doesn't exist outside the context of my mind. Please don't hate me if she perhaps comes between some of our favorite couples. Thanks! Oh and the title is an All Time Low song.

Part 1      Part 2       Part 3       Part 4       Part 5       Part 6       Part 7     

And that's all, folks! Hope you enjoy, and happy reading!
Tags: fic of the week, fic rec, reading

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