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Ianto Little Smile

November 2019



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Pretty Tosh

Double Drabble: Noticing

Title: Noticing
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Owen, Tosh.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 501: Notice at tw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: Owen surprises Tosh.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.
A/N: Double drabble.

Arriving at the Hub later than usual, Tosh hurried to her workstation and turned her computers on. A few feet away at his own desk, Owen glanced up. “What happened, you oversleep?” he asked, then… “Did you do something to your hair? It looks really nice.”

Tosh had indeed just got her hair cut and styled; it had been getting too long, which could be a nuisance when you worked for Torchwood, and anyway the alien gunk that had got into it the previous evening had set solid, welding the ends on one side into a solid clump that wouldn’t wash out. Her only option had been to cut off the affected section, and she’d decided getting it done professionally was probably a better idea than trying to do it herself. She just hadn’t expected Owen of all people to notice.

“What do you want, Owen?” she sighed.


“Really? Usually you only compliment me when you need something.”

“I guess I do.” Owen smiled sheepishly. “There is one little thing you could do for me…”

‘Here it comes,’ thought Tosh. “What’s that?”

“Have dinner with me tonight?”

He sounded serious.

“That would be lovely.”

Owen grinned. “It’s a date.”

The End


I don't know about beauty sleep, but I do at least get some sleep. Reading relaxes me.

True, actions speak louder than words. Politicians are all hot air >=[

Melting cooking chocolate relaxes me. Reading too, depending on what topic it is.

I hate how politicians have ruined the concept of what parliament was made for.*shakes fist*
Me too! *knocks all their silly heads together*

Mmmmm, melting chocolate smells divine!

There should be a specific law against lying in politics. An apology isn't enough!

It is. I said that to an acquaintance and he didn't know what to say. It's like meditation to me.*thinks of melted dark chocolate*
Yeah, but how would you enforce it? Politicians lie as a matter of course. That's how they get to be politicians.

Makes the mouth water!

They don't have to be saints so maybe a lie detector? I really wish I knew how to create a fool-proof solution.*lost*

Everything taste better with home made chocolate.*food wise*
I suspect a foolproof solution is impossible because most politicians are fools anyway.

They should be kicked out of office if they don't keep their promises though, and relieved of duty and heavily fined if they lie about anything important.

Chocolate is one of mankind's greatest inventions!
The whole situation is hopeless unless people with our views were calling the shots.*sighs*

Only spies, are allowed to lie.*rhymes sort of*

I hate when chocolate doesn't taste like the real deal. Like substituting cocoa with sugar. That's why I prefer making my own. Unless its decent dark chocolate.
Sadly that's unlikely to happen - politicians cling to power relentlessly.

For me, it's Cadbury's all the way; they're the best for milk chocolate, and their Bournville dark chocolate is sheer heaven! I was given a Galaxy Easter egg this year and it just tasted Meh =(
It's really a big letdown to society.:(

Yeah, Cadbury is your usual safe bet for a reasonable price. Sometimes I will try the European ones but Milka and Gyllian have not tasted like they originally did in years.

I use to love them. So disappointed. I don't know why quality has gone down. Is it an economy thing? I got no idea!*shrugs*
Really is =C

Probably. Manufacturers change recipes to use cheaper ingredients... It's sad =(
What does =C mean?*ignorant*

Well that's how they lose my business.:(

It's a shame but what can you do?*shrugs*
So true, I distrust anything labelled 'new, improved recipe'.

=( is sad

=C is even sadder (I've only just started using it for things where =( doesn't seem to adequately express my level of sadness)

Me too. I'm usually skeptical when they label products like that. It would be wiser just to test it first.

Like a trial period. Sometimes they do that but usually it's all about making money and not caring if consumers will still be satisfied.*assuming*

I believe people would spend a little more if the quality was there.:(

I also find the whole concept of local products being more expensive than those from overseas unacceptable. I'm not sure why that's the case.*goes to research*
It really does seen idiotic that imports are cheaper than home-made or grown.

So many times, something has been improved so much I can no longer eat it =(