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Ianto Little Smile

November 2019



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Doctor Who Drabble: Forbidden Knowledge

Title: Forbidden Knowledge
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: River Song, Eleventh Doctor.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 229: Encrypt / Decrypt at dw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: River will go to any lengths to keep the Doctor from learning things he shouldn’t know yet.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the characters.

River seldom leaves her diary unattended, citing ‘spoilers’ as the reason she won’t let him read it. She doesn’t want him knowing details of events she’s already lived through that he has yet to experience. On one hand he knows it’s a sensible precaution, but on the other… Well, curiosity is one of his major personality traits, so from the moment he first set eyes on that bulging book he’s been longing to get his hands on it.

When he finally does it’s almost insulting; River’s written the whole thing in code! Does she really think he can’t decrypt it?

The End


Yes, I wish River and Brian had met too.

That's what makes it cute though, Rory trying to be dad to his adult daughter.

I guess it's up to fan fiction. River could have visited him after losing Rory and Amy.:(

He would have. We only saw Amy distraught and angry a few times.
True, in fact I think I vaguely remember reading a fic where she did... Not sure though, it might have just been Eleven visiting Brian.

Maybe the TARDIS was helping Rory and Amy to deal with their loss.

That would have been difficult, since Brian said to bring them back safe.:(

Rory and Amy had each other in the end.
That was the most important thing in the end. They lived out their lives together.

Brian could at least have been comforted by that.

You have to wonder if Amy and Rory said anything about River Song or maybe it was too hard for them to explain it.

They were going to divorce at one point. Wouldn't have Brian at least known that and question it? He favored Amy enough.

So many loose ends. I must stop thinking about.:(
It would have been a bit difficult to explain, but they might have after Brian's trip with the Doctor.

That was so tragic, the almost divorce. I'm so glad they worked things out.

Loose ends are there for fanfic writers to tie up.

It was one thing to not mention Rory's mum ever, but how about Amy's parents wondering what happened to them. They had friends too.

Now, I'm thinking about that whole crack storyline of people going missing.:(

It never ends.
I keep forgetting that Amy got her parents back. Or at least a set of parents she claimed as hers...

I guess Rory's mum must have died =(

Makes me wonder if the crack was a bit like the Cardiff Rift.

Amy, at least seemed most pleased to see her dad judging by the hug.

We can only assume so. I wish we had seen a photo or Brian referring to his wife somehow. Maybe Rory mentioning it. Something, anything!.

Here's me being dramatic over what wasn't seen. We don't see every adventure either.

Back to thinking how to fill in the gaps via fanfic. Could mention the crack in more details that way.
Fanfic makes great filler for all those annoying plot holes ;)

It would have been good to have some mention of Rory's mum though. I guess she must have been gone a long time.
Yes they do.:)

Moffat focused on the dad's since mothers were RTD's area. That's probably the reason he didn't bother with specifics unless the plot needed it.

Notice Amy was referred to as a mother but she was robbed of raising her child. Yet is still a nurturer since she got impregnated.
I hadn't realised that, but you're right!

But Amy and Rory did get to adopt.
Moffat said dad's are "hopeless" but he was going from his own experiences as a father. Well Amy and Rory both had fathers that seemed decent enough. Even if it wasn't much of them to see.

I was referring to the time before they adopted. I do believe Amy went through alot emotionally but we didn't see it onscreen much.

Could you imagine having a "trouble maker" friend like "Mel" aka River who you had to look out for. Then later on find out it's your grown up daughter?!

I guess it's hard to compare that scenario to something in real life.
Amy and Rory did have a rather complicated relationship with their daughter in the end, having known her as two different people at various ages. None of what they went through is exactly commonplace.

Dads often are hopeless though. I know mine was. that's not always a bad thing, doesn't make them all horrible, just inept at a lot of things. Modern dads are more hands-on with babies and young children though. They're learning.