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Ianto Little Smile

September 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Cross Stitch Elves & Fairies

I started stitching these a few years back and recently discovered them again - five were complete, one only needed a bit of back stitch, and the last two hadn't been started, so I thought I'd better finish the set before I got on with anything new. I stitched them on 18 count fabric, instead of the recommended 14 count, which proved really fiddly, but I think the end result makes them worth the effort, eye strain, and headaches... Doubt I'll stitch them again though. @_@


Oh, those are beautiful. What an awesome job you've done, even if they were fiddly!

Thank you! I love cross stitching, and a few years ago stitching on 18 count was no problem, but my eyes are getting old so now I have to resort to a magnifier... The main problem was there were so many places where it was just three stitches in one colour and four in another. If I even stitch these again, I'll reduce the number of colours to make it easier.
They're adorable!
Thank you! I think I like the fairies best, but they were hardest to stitch. Now I can get back to my other stitching...
What fun and I love the colors! You did a great job!
Thank you! I got a bit cross-eyed at times but I think they turned out pretty well.

Aw, they're delightful. I love cross-stitch. I have dozens of unfinished projects. I only ever managed to get one of them properly framed up and hung on the wall. Most are just folded up in a bag away from hungry silverfish. I did cross-stitch for years because it killed a lot of hours before I discovered writing. Now I just don't have enough time for both.

Thank you!

I know the feeling, I'm struggling to juggle both cross stitch and writing, but I really wanted to get back into even if just to make cards again and since I've already passed my 250k writing goal I figured it would be okay if I gave myself some time for crafts and gardening. Not enough hours in the day though *sigh*
Those are really cute! The worse one I ever did was a sky scene on dark blue. Not something I would ever do again.
Thank you! The cuteness factor is what drew me to them, but the fiddliness was almost their downfall!

I have a chart for the Babylon 5 space station on dark blue and though I would love to do it, I don't think my eyesight is up to the task these days. =/
These are lovely
Thank you! They turned out quite good in the end despite everything =D