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Ianto Little Smile

February 2023



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Doctor Who Drabble: Priceless

Title: Priceless
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: River Song.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 230: Bauble / Babble / Bobble at dw100.
Spoilers: The Husbands Of River Song.
Summary: If River is going to get her hands on this particular diamond, she’s going to need some help.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the characters.

The Halassi Androvar is perfect, flawless, priceless beyond belief, the most valuable diamond in the universe. All other diamonds, indeed all other gems of any kind, pale into insignificance beside it, mere baubles, worthless trinkets, insignificant bits of shiny mineral. River should know; she’s seen, stolen, and owned enough of them.

She’s never owned this one though, not yet, and her fingers itch because it’s so close and yet so far, lodged inside the equally insignificant brain of her ‘husband’. She’s supposed to return it to the Halassi, but…

First, looks like she needs a surgeon. Heads don’t remove themselves.

The End


Great drabble
Thank you!

They are a girl's bestfriend. Or should I say woman's bestfriend?
Diamonds! Meh! Give me clear quartz or Apophyllite any days. Diamonds sparkle, but I find them soulless. I prefer semi-precious stones to those deemed precious. I have inexpensive tastes *grins*

Thank you!

I guess Marilyn Monroe is on her own in this one. Well if you don't want it, you can pawn it for your precious stones.:)
LOL! I don't need to, I have hundreds of semi-precious gemstones, and they cost a lot less than diamonds!

I can't argue with that.:)

Pearls aren't glamorous either when you know the specfics.
True, lol! I let my sister have mum's. I got the opal ring.

My mum is put off pearls for life!

I have an opal card. Which is basically my public transport card.:)
*grins* I don't blame her!

Not the same thing, but a lot more practical! LOL!

I'm not much of a jewellery person anyway. I'll stick to my watch.

Very practical. I forgot it at home when my brother drop me off whist going out. I had to buy a spare one. Railway staff wondered how I left without it. Excuse me for having a brother who gives me a lift in his car.:)
I like my earrings, although most of the time I only have studs in, and I never go out without a load of crystal bracelets and usually a pendant. I don't wear rings much though, they get in the way and I have very thin fingers.

It's easy to forget stuff. I once cycled to the shops, locked my bike, and ten realised I didn't have the key to my bike lock. I had to phone mum to bring it.

I use to wear silver rings as a teenager. Sometimes I wear a ring, bracelet or necklace to compliment a look. Usually I forget to do so.:)

Lucky you could still call your mum.
Yes, that was many years ago when she used to get around on her moped.

It's hard to remember to put on jewellery most of the time, if you're not used to wearing it.

I've only been a passenger on a scooter.

Yeah, I don't have the discipline for it. Could you imagine me with a wedding ring.:)

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