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Bee Cross Stitch - and a WiP

I finished another set of small designs for cards, this time some bees and honey. The two small ones were stitched on 14 count and and the four larger ones on 16 count, because that was all I had that was easily accessible. Most of my fabric is stored in a big old chest that currently has a lot of stuff piled on top it and I didn't feel like moving it all to get at my stash of 14 count.

This last one I plan to post pics of as it progresses. On the left you can see the design as it should look when it's done, and on the right... Well, I've started it, the first part of the cross stitch border is done!

This is tougher than the other designs I've been stitching lately. It's bigger for a start, but as I want it for a card (possibly), I'm making it smaller by stitching on 20 count fabric - that is, 20 squares per inch - with one strand of thread. I cut and prepared the fabric for this and another large design years ago but never got around to stitching them. The design is 96 stitches each way, and will measure 12 x 12 cm when it's done. I'll be stitching other things while I work on this because I need good daylight to see the holes... o_O

Wish me luck!

Tags: craft, cross stitch, real life

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