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Ianto Little Smile

May 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Bee Cross Stitch - and a WiP

I finished another set of small designs for cards, this time some bees and honey. The two small ones were stitched on 14 count and and the four larger ones on 16 count, because that was all I had that was easily accessible. Most of my fabric is stored in a big old chest that currently has a lot of stuff piled on top it and I didn't feel like moving it all to get at my stash of 14 count.

This last one I plan to post pics of as it progresses. On the left you can see the design as it should look when it's done, and on the right... Well, I've started it, the first part of the cross stitch border is done!

This is tougher than the other designs I've been stitching lately. It's bigger for a start, but as I want it for a card (possibly), I'm making it smaller by stitching on 20 count fabric - that is, 20 squares per inch - with one strand of thread. I cut and prepared the fabric for this and another large design years ago but never got around to stitching them. The design is 96 stitches each way, and will measure 12 x 12 cm when it's done. I'll be stitching other things while I work on this because I need good daylight to see the holes... o_O

Wish me luck!


I love the little Queen bee, but they’re all awesome!!!!
Thank you! That one was the hardest to stitch because of all the little flowers, but it's the prettiest. I liked stitching the flower and honeycomb one best.

The next set I'm working on is also a bit fiddly...
Your turn for a fiddly little project, huh? Is that the rose one at the bottom or something more complex?

The honeycomb one looks like it would be fun to work with. :-) I think it’s the little smile that really made me laugh and smile with the queen bee.
I think Queenie Bee looks a bit smug, lol!

Well, the rose is certainly fiddly, but I'm also doing another set of four designs for cards that have a lot of colours with only a few stitches in each one in places, which means frequent changes of thread... At least the bee ones had some large blocks of colour.

I have a whole stack of magazines with designs I'm itching to stitch. I wish I hadn't picked this set now =(

She definitely knows something. :)

Oh heavens. That's one of the single most annoying things with any sort of project. The one time I undertook a project like that, I had like six needles going at once so i didn't have to keep threading and unthreading. It was a nightmare, so I feel you.
I only use one needle so... o_O

I've done the second part of the rose's cross-stitch border, it's looking good, now just the backstitch inner order before I start on the rose itself, but that's for next Sunday if I have time to stitch during the auction - there's 52 re-listed items next week so...

I got the Silver Leaf Jasper this week. Did you bid on anything?
Oh heavens, that makes it ten times worse. *hugs*

Wow, that's a lot of relisted items. I'll have to go take a look and see if there's anything I care enough to bid on. I got two of the three fluorites (the octohedron and the clear/purple rough) and also managed to get one of the merlinite geodes. The late listing one.

That was a nice silver leaf! That's a nice grab. :)
Oooh, well done you! I wondered if you'd go after the rough Fluorite, that was a really nice one.

The Silver Leaf was such a dark one, almost like a Silver Sheen Obsidian, so I gave in to temptation.

Next week... The Opalised Moss Agate is a nice one, but I'll have to see.

I've got loads more needles available, but I don't have anywhere to park them so just using one keeps me from getting confused. Some of the colours are so similar to each other it would be easy to use the wrong one...
It’s a lovely piece, and I have none that are that clear. I like the little raspberry stripes, too. I thought the geode was too good to pass up. I’d like to get a white one someday, but it usually seems like a battle on them.

I used to work sitting on an old battered sofa that Mum didn’t mind me sticking needles in while I was working. Good luck with the project. It does sound like it’ll be pretty when it’s done.
You don't need luck; you can do it!
With good light, and possibly a magnifying glass... I completed the second half of the cross stitch border yesterday, so I'm making progress.
AWW so cute
Thank you!
Best of luck on your current project, dear friend, and the bees and honey are adorable!
Thank you! I love bees so I had to stitch these.

I've done the next part of the rose border, but I'm also working on a set of four floral cards. Almost finished the first one, but they're really fiddly and it's taken me almost twice as long as the magazine's estimate. >.