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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Pursued

Title: Pursued

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 291 – On The Run at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto is being pursued through the Hub!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Ianto ran through the dimly lit Hub, fleeing his pursuer, breathless but keeping far enough ahead to be out of immediate danger.

Ducking around a corner and up a flight of stairs, he took a second to check his weapon; as he’d suspected, he was out of ammunition. He had to keep moving, find somewhere to reload. His pursuer had him at a disadvantage.

Down a corridor, round another corner… Damn, he’d run right into a trap!

His pursuer fired, hitting him squarely, then fired again.

Ianto stood dripping, glaring at Jack.

“Cheat! You should only have one water pistol!”

The End


Hasn't Ianto learned by now? Jack ALWAYS cheats! *giggles*
He knows, but in this he is the eternal optimist, he's sure tha one day Jack will surprise him by actually following the rules.

Thank you.
of course he cheats, he is JACK!!!!

And yet Ianto is still always shocked by it, lol! He's trying so hard to train Jack, but it's just not working. Ianto can't understand it.

Thank you!
LOL! Next time Ianto should bring a super soaker!
Yes! Hide it somewhere and then switch weapons as soon as he's out of Jack's sight, turn the tables on Jack by cheating better than he does!

Thank you!
A bucket always works too...lol was in the middle of that battle once.

Jack should be punished severely for cheating.
Ianto is considering different means of punishment. Problem is, Jack enjoys being punished WAY too much.

It's hard to run and be stealthy with a bucket of water, and leaving a few strategically placed means risking them falling into the wrong hands and providing ammunition for the enemy. (Ianto considers all options, lol!)

Thank you.
And Ianto didn't expect Jack to cheat? LOL!
Well, he still hopes that Jack will learn to play fair. Guess Jack will be getting punished. Again. Ianto is startiing to suspect that Jack cheats so much because he enjoys being punished. Poor Ianto, he can't win, no matter how hard he tries.

Thank you.
LOL! Sounds like a fun game! But of course Jack cheats. He's probably using a tracker as well. Ianto should check his person carefully to make sure he's not tagged. :-p
Jack always manages to find a way to cheat, no matter what Ianto tries. He'd even made sure there were only two water pistols, he has no idea where Jack got another one from.

He's going to punish Jack this time by refusing to punish him,

Thank you.
Hahaha and here I though there was some dire emergency in the hub.

Great drabble.
Heehee! I love wrong-footing readers, it's so much fun!

The boys do so love playing games after hours, and it's good training in the event of a real emergency.
Jack cheating is to be expected. Tsk tsk, Ianto, for not knowing that by now! XD

The characters gave it away, or at least I thought so, but I liked that at the beginning, it was not clear whether or not Ianto was actually in danger or not.
I debated whether or not to put Jack's name there, but in the end I decided to. A lot of people just read the drabble without reading any of the other information so it caught a few people out, lol!

Ianto still believes he can cure Jack of the cheating habit, poor lamb. It'll never happen, so Ianto will just have to learn to cheat better than Jack!

Thank you.
Jack cheats at everything doesnt he? lol
He does, but Ianto has this foolish hope that one day he might manage to teach Jack to play fair.

Thank you!
Can't wait for Ianto's revenge.
I'm sure he will get back at Jack at some point, probably when Jack least expects it, lol!

Thank you.
Brilliant. Great twist :-)
I thought Ianto was actually in danger.
YAY! I fooled someone! I tried to make it look like Ianto was in serious trouble, but I put Jack's name under 'characters' which gave it away to some people, lol!

Thank you!
Thank you. I do love giving the boys a chance to have fun!