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Ianto Little Smile

May 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Cross Stitch Greetings

I've finally managed to finish a set of really fiddly designs. The pictures don't show it very clearly but they used 15 colours, some of which were so similar I couldn't see the difference except in bright daylight. There's also a lot of backstitch, and one of the designs I had to start again after accidentally dropping my yogurt on the first attempt...

These are small designs, stitched on 14 count.

I've also managed to complete the border for the rose design, so here's my progress so far...

Next up, I'm working on a set of four much simpler small floral designs on 14 count. I need something easy after the last lot!


Very pretty!
Thank you!

"... after accidentally dropping my yogurt on the first attempt...

Are you sure it was accidental or in response to having to use 15 different colours? :)

ps - they look lovely!
Definitely accidental, it splodged my stitching, the magazine I was working from, and ended up in my lap so I had to change - once I'd rescued my stitching. It was the third design out of four and I'd only just started, but I was annoyed at having to cut a fresh piece of fabric and start again.

Thank you, I think it was worth the effort.
Oh these are lovely
Thank you! They were a lot of work, but worth it.
Wow, well done! :D
Thank you! Some of the toughest stitching I've done recently.
I can believe that.
I'm doing something much easier now. =)
They all came out really nice.
Thank you! Yes, I'm pleased with the results =D
Lovely! Keep up the good work!
Thank you, I intend to! I'm working on an easy set this time, but I don't have time for stitching this week because it's Contest Week at fic_promptly.