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When Happy Birthdays Turn Less Happy

I've had a pretty good Birthday, despite having chores to do - lots of cards and good wishes, TWO Birthday cakes (both delicious), flowers and presents.

So I was enjoying my day until I went to clean out my guinea pigs this evening and found one of then had died. Their house is in the living room with us and they were both alive when I went to do the washing up, but when I came back, Crumpet was dead. They are both quite old and haven't been their usual selves the last few days, but it's still a shock and very sad.

On a brighter note, thanks to all my wonderful friends for their birthday greetings, to takisys and ericadawn16  for the lovely pictures, sassysailorgirl , jedi_harkness , angelsphonebox and sariagray for their birthday messages, zazajb and ms_bekahrose for the wonderful virtual gifts and toshiani007 for writing me a birthday fic. (if I've missed anybody out, I'll post another thankyou later!) 

I love you all! No matter how I'm feeling, you're always there to cheer me up and make me feel better. *Hugs*
Tags: real life, thanks

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