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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Gone, Gone, Gone

Title: Gone, Gone, Gone

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, mentions Jack, Owen, the Doctor

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 292 – The Billboard Hot 100 at tw100

Spoilers: End of Days

Summary: Jack is gone and Ianto is bitter.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Song title = drabble title. It’s just easier that way.

Ianto stared at the CCTV footage; there was no escaping the truth. Jack had left of his own free will, haring off to be with his Doctor, not a thought for his team.

‘Not a thought for me either, I didn’t even rate a goodbye. Owen was right; I was just the part time shag, filling in until Jack’s Doctor showed up.’

He hadn’t expected commitment or monogamy, but still, seeing the joy on Jack’s face was like a knife to his heart.

Jack was gone and Ianto couldn’t think of a single reason for him to ever come back.

The End


Oh no Ianto - he will come back and for you!
He will, but right now poor Ianto doesn't know that.

That title just hit my angst button - not a common occurrence! I have smething more light-hearted for tomorrow, I'm trying to alternate those with the canon-based drabbles. I like multiple prompts, they inspire me!

Thank you!
so sad! come on Ianto, man of little faith ....
Poor Ianto, Jack hadn't given him much reason to believe though.

Thank you.
Oh Ianto, there are plenty of reasons for Jack to come back. The main one being you!

Nicely done :-)
Yes there are, but poor Ianto won't know that until Jack comes back to him =( *pets Ianto*

Thank you.
Ianto is so silly for worrying. jack will always come back for him. Btw this is my favourite song as of late. It's such a beautiful song.
I don't know the song, haven't listened to any of them. Is that bad of me?

Yeah, Ianto is silly, but then again, he doesn't know how Jack feels about him yet and being abandoned like that. wihout even a goodbye, must really hurt.

Thank you.
Not to worry Ianto, he'll come back for you. *hugs him*
Ianto needs lots of hugs and reassurance.

Thank you.
Oh, ouch! Poor Ianto. I sympathize--it really does look like Jack doesn't even care enough to say goodbye. :( Of course we know Jack has been waiting for this moment for over a century and if he doesn't act immediately he might miss it, but to Ianto it looks like the ultimate rejection.

Hang in there Ianto, he'll be back for you!
It does, and he's taking it hard. Not in an 'I'll pine away and die' way but still, it hurts and he's angry at himself for getting attatched to Jack in the first place despite knowing the man's reputation. It would have helped if he'd known how long Jack had been waiting for answers, but I guess Jack didn't tell him

Thank you.
Aww poor Ianto shouldn't worry so - Jack is coming back - for him - for all of them
He is, Ianto just doesn't know that yet so he's feeling abandoned.

Thank you
Joins Ianto in wibbling softly. I feel the need to wrap Ianto in a soft fuzzy blanket with a pint of ice cream and a little Baileys and some DVDs. I know Jack comes back but Ianto doesn't know that.
Thank you.

Ianto appreciates being looked after.

Oh Ianto there is a very good reason YOU! I feel for Ianto in this, especially after what Owen Said.
Thank you, I do too. Poor Ianto, he really doesn't believe he matters to Jack at this point. He just needs to stay strong for a few months and then Jack will be home and all will be well.
Damn you Jack for making Ianto feeling like that =(
Jack didn't mean to though, he was just desperate to get answers from the Doctor.

He'll make it up to Ianto when he gets back, he doesn't want Ianto to be unhappy.

Thank you.
And this is EXACTLY why I think Ianto would have been angry when Jack came back and why I wish we'd had his reaction on screen. Just think of all he probably took over for Jack, not to mention the personal betrayal as well -to lose Jack so soon after losing Lisa would have been awful. I have a plot bunny for this but it's not cooperating, so we'll see. ;)
Good luck with wrangling your plot bunny, they can be slippery little critters!

He would have been hurt as well as angry (though he probably would have hidden the hurt well), but I also think he would have been the one to see that something was very different with Jack, that in some ways he wasn't the man who had left. I like to think that he would have been willing to listen to Jack's side of the story once the first flush of anger had passed, but he wouldn't push and demand answers, that's not who he is. He'd let Jack tell him in his own time, just make it clear that he was willing to listen. He'd still experct Jack to work for his forgiveness though, to prove he was really sincere and deserved a second chance. Well, that's what happens in my universe anyway, lol!

Thank you.

Though I love the characters I really have to wonder: would it KILL these guys to talk about things?! Men are so stupid sometimes... *facepalm*

Cheer up, Ianto. He will come back for you; things are more complex than you (can) know, is all.
It's typical of men though, isn't it. They don't talk about feelings and stuff. If he really cared about Ianto at that point, he should have told him he might have to leave unexpectedly sometime in the near future, but would return as soon as he could. Even having a not prepared that he could just quickly drop on his desk on his way out would have helped.

Once Jack gets back Ianto will feel better.

Thank you.
Lovely angst
Thanks. I'm mostly a fluff writer, but I can manage angst in small doses occasionally, lol!