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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Red Nose

Title: Red Nose

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 292 – The Billboard Hot 100 at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto has a cold.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Song title = drabble title. It’s just easier that way.

A loud sneeze echoed around Jack’s office.

“Bless you.”

“Thag you,” Ianto replied with what little dignity he could muster.

Jack tried not to laugh.

Ianto’s cold was the result of an unplanned swim in the Taff, courtesy of a rampaging Hoix. Being a strong swimmer, he’d hauled himself out easily enough, but the chill water and even chillier wind had combined to lower his defences. Now here he sat, bundled in a duvet on Jack’s couch, with a nose that resembled Rudolph’s in all its scarlet glory.

Jack was staring intently at it.


“Your nose matches your shirt.”

The End


Aww! Poor Ianto. Hope he's feeling better soon. Great Drabble.

Edited at 2013-08-17 07:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you.

Ianto will be okay. He came in meaning to work, but Jack put paid to that, which is why he's wrapped in the duvet with Jack fussing over him. Jack will take him home soon and make him soup.
Jack better beware or he will be on decaf!
He's just in awe of Ianto's colour coordinaed nose, lol!

He'll be taking Ianto home soon and tucking him up on the couch with soup and cold medicine. I think Ianto will forgive him anything for that.
Of course! even if he is ill, he wouldn't dare not match his outfit!
Hope Jack takes him home soon and spoil him rotten ....
He will, very soon. He's cross with Ianto for coming in to work with such a bad cold, so he'll take him home and feed him chicken soup.

Thank you.
No Jack, this is where you show some compassion or get put on decaf. LOL!
The compassion has already started, which is where the couch and duvet come in. Jsck has a few things to do, then he'll take Ianto home and feed him chickrn soup.

He's been caring, just can't get over Ianto's nose.
No eviscerating Jack! Not for one comment, after he's already tucked Ianto on the couch with a nice cozy duvet.

Thank you. Hope you're feeling better soon! *hugs*
Poor Ianto. I know exactly how he feels. *cough cough* *sniffle* Melbourne is having its cold and flu season right now.
*hugs* Ianto sympathises! Hope you eel better soon.

Thank you.
Oh Poor Ianto, I think we all hate being sick. great fic.
Jack will take good care of him.

Thank you.
I know how Ianto feels, I have a berry berry bad cold right now!
Awwwww! *hugs you and offers a fluffy banket* Hope you're feeling better soon. Maybe Jack will let you curl up on the couch with Ianto and feed you both soup!

Thank you.
That would be nice. I have no voice today, and of course I had a presentation to give. Meh!
That's so unfair.

I once lost my voice for six weeks, couldn't do more than emit an occasional squeak. Very frustrating. Hope you managed the presentation despite your voicelessness.
Good thing red is his color! ;)

Poor Ianto. Colds are no fun. Someone else is going to have to be in charge of the coffee and tea. Hopefully they'll bring him a large tea, with honey (and maybe a little whisky!) :)
I suspect Jack is going to whisk Ianto away from the Hub, take him home to look after him and leave the rest of the team to fend for themselves, lol!

Thank you.
Aww poor Ianto. Hope he gets better soon.
He will, he has Jack looking after him!

Thank you.
All Ianto needs is some antlers! LOL
Yep, poor Ianto.

As someone else said, Ianto the red nosed teaboy has a very shiny nose. Jack will him him better though.

Thank you.
Fun image!
Thank you. Ianto doesn't think it's fun though.
Time to bring out the fluffy blanket, DVDs, tissues(soft on the nose) tea and chicken soup and not the canned stuff Jack. Oops forgot Ianto's favorite cuddle toy. ;-)
Jack Harkness - better than a teddy bear, because teddy bears can't cuddle you back!

Thank you. Jack will take very good care of Ianto, just as soon as he can persuade Ianto that he should be at home.