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Knitting Pictures!

Well, it will be knitting pictures (I hope) if I can figure out how to insert images! Wish me luck!

Okay, some people have been showing interest in seeing some of the things I've knitted. I'm still clearing out my room to have the ceiling fixed, and today was Emptying The Wardrobe day, so I decided to photograph a few of the woolies I knitted. The photos aren't great, the light was bad as it's been pouring rain all day, and I put things on a flat box on the floor to photograph them as the bed's been dismantled and shifted to the box room, but I hope they're passable.

These four were all knitted from the same basic pattern, but I used different cable stitches for each one - I love cabling and thought they turned out quite well.

So hopefully, here they are! Hope you like!
Tags: craft, knitting

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