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Ianto Little Smile

September 2019



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Is anyone else getting spammed over on ff.net? I'm getting two kinds - one is I suspect one person using several different accounts set up in the last few hours and leaving multiple reviews on the same fics under different names, all saying "Nice chapter, Best Wishes". Whoever it is also favourites and follows each fic and author. Judging by the number of fics listed on each account as 'favorites' they're not actually reading any of them - there are literally hundreds in a wide range of fandoms, some of them multi-chapter, so they wouldn't have time. Nobody reads that fast, except maybe Dr Spencer Reid.

The other is an anoymous 'Guest' who identifies themselves on each review using a different set of letters and numbers. This person leaves 'reviews' that are also basically letters and numbers... These are the last 8 I've got:

Veri n1c3GNTst0rig6
Veri n1c31Zcst0rijy
Veri n1c3fIzst0riwN
Veri n1c30NHst0riH8
Veri n1c3Wkvst0riHK
Veri n1c3raBst0riS4
Veri n1c3AELst0rixA
Veri n1c3frLst0ri32

By cunning deciphering, I've decided they're basically saying 'Very nice story', and as the reviews are more spread out and restricted to a single fandom, this person COULD actually be reading the stories, but if so why leave such random reviews?

Honestly, I'm starting to doubt the sanity of some of the people using ff.net. Both these spammers have more than a few screws loose.


That is very crazy and bizzare. Sadly, I don't post over there atm (I think I've only got about 20 fics to my name. It's just too clunky to post from my tablet, and AO3 I'm getting quicker at. Plus I get better readership over there and lovely comments :) ). None of my entries would be recent enough to attract random spam reviews. You'd think they'd have better systems for detecting robots like that.
I'm guessing if you told them about it, they'd likely do about as much as they did when you had that horrible git stealing fics and being a general arse.

Yeah, they wouldn't do anything ad these people are essentially harmless,just odd. I've got two more reviews on the B5 drabble, which makes 8 reviews, 8 favourites, 8 follows, and only one of those is from a friend of mine. The rest are the spammer under 7 different names. They must like clicking buttons, and they get around the 30 second wait before they can send another message by adding a few random letters and numbers. Whoever it is really has too much time on their hands.
Not me, sorry.
At least I'm notching up quite a few favorites, even if they're all from one person. People are weird!
Boy, you have that in one! Go figure.
FF.Net just seems to attract the crazies with too much time on their hands.