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New Glasses Finally!

Yes, you read that right - I finally have my new glasses!

As some of you will know, they've been ready and waiting for me at the optitian's for the past three months, but a series of home disasters have kept me more or less tied to the house, trying to clear rooms, pack things for storage and deal with insurance people, surveyors, workmen and a bunch of other people.

Add to that health problems, the deaths of both our guinea pigs (sadly, Gingernut didn't survive losing her sister), and my own agoraphobia... I haven't been further afield than the corner shop (a walk of less than a minute each way) in three months.

Today though, I finally managed to gather my shredded nerves, squash all incipient panic attacks into submission, and venture forth to the shops and, most importantly, the optician's. All this despite limping everywhere because of a mysterious sore toe!

I cycled, as I usually do (I find it easier than walking and I can load stuff on my bike to save carrying it), though I had to shift several bags of rubble in the drive just to get my bike out - really helpful, that. Still, what matters is that I've got my glasses, they look brilliant and I can see really well. I kept the new ones on while I did a bit of shopping, and I even found a chiropodist to check out my toe! Apparently, I've managed to knock the toenail back into the nail bed - who knew that was even possible? The nail's a bit loose, but hopefully won't fall off and it should heal by itself - eventually. Problem is, it hurts when anything presses against it - shoes, socks, slippers, all are painful but I can't leave my foot bare. My feet are always cold anyway and the weather's bitterly cold here with a possibility of snow (though hopefully not where we are). My feet are freezing even with three pairs of socks and warm slippers, if I leave my foot bare, I'm risking frostbite and then my toes will fall off! I'm actually quite fond of my toes, despite having arthritis in them. They're useful for walking and they keep the ends of my feet from fraying. I don't want them falling off, so my toe will just have to put up with being clothed!

Even the weather was relatively kind to me - sunshine, not much wind until I was on my way home, and it stayed dry. Yesterday was howling gales, drizzle and heavy cloud. Looks like I picked the right day to go out! I spent too much, I always do when I haven't been anywhere for a while, but it was mostly essentials. Still, I got a compact umbrella for 99p, small and light enough to carry in my bag when I go out and shocking pink so I won't lose it! Far better than my old one which is getting tatty and takes up too much space in my bag.

Of course now I'm tired, aching and planning on doing as little as possible tomorrow!
Tags: glasses, news, pets, real life

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