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September 2023



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Fic Of The Week - Week Eighty Eight

Due to current circumstances, I'm a bit late this week but I'm still trying to keep to some sort of routine and not let you guys down. My sister has seen mum and says she's not as good as she'd hoped, but she has an infection on top of the stroke, which isn't helping. Just got to hope and pray that once the infection is under control, she'll start to make some improvement.

Still, here's my Fic of the Week choice - Office Work is a six part fic by imortalitybites from way back in October 2007. It's primarily Jack/Ianto, but mentions Gwen/Owen. Rated PG-13 for sexual themes.

Summary: There's not much work getting done at Torchwood today.

Part 1      Part 2       Part 3       Part 4       Part 5       Part 6     

That's it then. Happy reading everyone.


don't wory about leting us down! we more than understand if you are unable to post!
but if it helps you to keep some kind of normality then carry on. i hope you manage to find time to read this fic and the distraction is able to help you feel better.
i hope they can treat the infection quickly and your mum's condition improves.
*still sendjng love, hugs and positive thoughts*
Thanks, J *hugs back*

Feeling a bit lost now all the phone calls are done with and I'm alone again. The house feels ridiculously empty.

Yeah, I need to try to keep a sort of routine, otherwise I'll go nuts. Also badly need to read something, haven't had time all day with all the phone calls. I'm going to take time for myself now and read until I think I can go to bed.

Heather's visiting mum again tomorrow so I'll wait to hear from her about how things are, but I'll be phoning the hospital tomorrow myself to see what they can tell me.

*more hugs* I'm so sorry. I hope things start to improve once the infection clears up. Is sending more positive thoughts and prayers your way.
Thanks, K *hugs back*

It's so weird being here alone. Not that it's the first time, mum had a heart attack back in 2000 and was in hospital for a few days then too. Still, it's unsettling. I miss her. Hopefully I'll be able to find out more tomorrow.
I hope tomorrow brings good news.

Heh I'm fight to stay awake here. Gotta get my body back into the right time zone.
The joys of jet lag. I feel jetlagged myself and I haven't even been anywhere.

Hope you enjoyed your visit!

I did. I could have one without London I'm so ready to go back to Wales though.

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Wales is beautiful!
That it is.
I am sorry to hear your mother is struggling.
You take care of yourself

Thank you, I'll try. Right now most of my time is spent updating friends and family, the chores are piling up and I'm stuck at home, alone. it's not fun but I'm doing my best. The migraine isn't helping either.

I'm sorry the news wasn't as good as hoped for. That's so frustrating! However, you never know what tomorrow may bring. As I learned from my partner's mother who had end stage MS, a bad infection in the elderly or infirm can wreak havoc on all their systems, but once it's brought under control, amazing things can happen! One day at a time. :)

I'm glad you're sticking to your routine, even if it feels strange. It's important that you take care of yourself as well, and doing things that make you happy is a big part of that.

Thank you *hugs* I'm trying but I've been struck down by a bad migraine so all I can do is lie here, propped up on my bed, trying to keep my head still.

Mum was a bit better yesterday, she has a good appetite. An infection AND a stroke are pretty much certain, so how much is the infection and how much is caused by the stoke is uncertain. Once the infection is cleared up they'll have a better idea of what therapy she needs. Unfortunately, the hospital found a lesion on her back which mum knew about but didn't tell anyone. It's skin cancer, so they're hopefully going to remove it while she's in hospital. It's quite big though, 6cm. That's worrying too. One thing on top of another. I just wish mum had said something.
Oh my goodness! Skin cancer too? When it rains it pours! I guess the silver lining of this incident is at least now the doctors are aware of the skin cancer and can treat it? Hopefully they will impress upon her the necessity of saying something sooner the next time.

I hope your migraine gets better soon. So not what you needed while dealing with all of this! :(
Migraine is much better today, the rest of me isn't great though. Still battling on.

Mum's having the lesion removed on the 17th. Hopefully she will still be in hospital then, so they can give her the aftercare she'll need more easily. It is rather the silver lining, because she never would have said anything. At least now it can be dealt with.
This one had me from the title! And it didn't disappoint! :) Those boys make things so complicated for themselves, don't they? :-p
They really do, but that's one of the reasons we love them!