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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Drabble: Temporary Teddy Bear

Title: Temporary Teddy Bear

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, mentions Ianto

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 294 – Teddy Bears’ Picnic at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: In Ianto’s absence, Jack needs someone to snuggle with at night to keep the loneliness at bay.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

It was late at night and Jack was lonely. Ianto would be in London for three more days and somehow their bed seemed far too big without his Welshman to snuggle up to.

It wasn’t even the sex he was missing, just the companionship and having someone beside him if he woke in the night. Jack never used to have trouble sleeping alone, but being with Ianto had changed all that.


The next night, Jack found a solution.

“I think I finally understand about teddy bears,” he confided, snuggling up to the warm body beside him.

Nosy hummed in agreement.

The End


Awww! I love Jack's solution. I bet Nosy is great for snugging!
Like the biggest, warmest, fluffiest teddy bear there is - a cosy Nosy! I could do with it myself, I'm cold.

Thank you.
Aww so cute! I bet Nosy makes a good Teddy :-)

Although I hope it doesn't get too used to night time cuddles - it might get in the way of the boy's... activities... when Ianto gets back!
Nosy will have to go back to its own bed when Ianto gets home - it's just for a couple of nights so I don't think Nosy will get too accustomed. It is nice to snuggle with a cosy Nosy though.

I wrote a teddy bear fic with no teddy bear, lol
Thank you.
That is na excellent solution to Jack's dilemma! And Nosy was perfectly willing to fill in for a teddy bear.

This makes me want a fluffy Nosy to sleep with!
Me too, it would be so warm and cuddlesome. I need to invent the newest cuddling toy, the Cosy Nosy!

Nosy is always happy to havr company at night,
I hope Nozy doesn't get the wrong idea. We have no idea what a jealous Fluff is like.
I think we're safe. Nosy is empathic, with a strong bond to both Jack and Ianto. It can feel how lonely Jack is and is happy to be a comfort to him while Ianto is away. It would do the same for Ianto if Jack was away.

Thank you.
awwwww isn't it a sweetheart?
fluffy and warm!
The perfect thing to cuddle when you're feeling lonely and sad. everyone should have one.

Thank you.
AWW Nosy to the rescue. great drabble.
Nosy knows Jack is feeling sad and lonely, so it's happy to play teddy bear while Jack needs it.

Thank you.

Love your icon =)
Thanx, don't know who made it, I found it by accident on Google images.
Lucky you! That's a great image to find by accident!
yup, that's definitely jack alright. very cute!
Thank you!

Jack acts strong and tough, but he just wants someone to cuddle at night.
A cuddly Nosy would be perfect just hopes nobody snores. lol.
Nosy might hum in its sleep...

Thank you!
Aww... when you're alone, call Captain Fluff! Really cute! <3
Yep, Captain Fluff to the rescue, saving you from cold, cuddle-less nights.

Thank you.
I'll be your teddy bear any time you ask -- just say the word, Jack!!!!! This is great!!!!
Thank you!

Nosy makes a good teddy bear, but it's no substitute for Ianto really.
what a pretty picture! it deserves a picture!
Very cute.
Thank you.

Jack prefers cuddling Ianto, but Nosy is a nice substitute, very warm to cuddle.