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September 2022



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Drabble: Joining In – Sequel to ‘The Gathering’

Title: Joining In – Sequel to ‘The Gathering’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Team

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 294 – Teddy Bears’ Picnic at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Jack and the team join the ‘picnic’.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: In the absence of a new prompt, have another Bear drabble.

Their voices were growly but good-natured and they greeted the Torchwood team warmly, inviting them to join the Gathering. Jack accepted on everyone’s behalf and they soon found themselves seated between various bears, being offered food and fruit juice.

It was a merry affair, casual and relaxed, business deals being set up between small groups in between general announcements.

As the sun set, the entertainment began, singing and dancing and the telling of stories, which lasted until the sun rose the next morning and the weary bears teleported back to their orbiting ships.

Equally weary but happy, Torchwood headed home.

The End


Thank you! The new prompt hasn't been posted so I figured I'd just carry on. It seemed a good idea to writr a seque; =)
Always like when friendly aliens show up!
The Torchwood team like it too - less work and peril for them, and they get to meet interesting people!

Thank you.
awwww cute teddy bears, as they all should be!
Yep, happy, friendly people, they get along with everyone.

Thank you!
Aww... what a lovely image for a Friday morning!

Thanks for sharing. <3
Thank you, glad you liked it!
Ahh yah for nice aliens.
It really was a nice treat for the team, they don't often get the chance to socialise with visiting aliens.

Thank you =)
Awww :-)
Thank you!

Most of this came from my replies to people's comments on The Gathering, I decided I could make a sequel to finish the story. I'm toying with possiby doing a sequel to one of the others too. First I have another new drabble to post today though.
Aww lovley drabble.
Thank you!

The team needed a break from their usual work. It does them good to socialise with the nice aliens.
It's nice to have a pleasant "close encounter" for a change! :)
Always good to meet the aliens - if they're friendly! I'm sure there were some interesting exchanges of information.

Thank you.
Good to know not all is gloom and doom in Torchwood.
My Torchwood gets plenty of good aliens to balance out the ones intent on world domination!

Thank you!
Thank you. I liked the idea of the team getting to socialisde with some of the nicer aliens.
beau conte!
Thank you, glad you liked it.