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Ianto Little Smile

October 2022



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Ianto Little Smile

Cross Stitch: 60th Birthday Card

A little later than intended, thanks to life getting in the way, but here at last are the pics of the 60th birthday card I made for my friend. Unfortunately, it went a bit wonky when I stuck it to the card because it's quite large. I used one strand of thread on 18 count fabric, so the stitched piece is a little over 6 inches tall by about 3 1/3 wide.

There should be more to the border, another shade filling in most of the gaps, but I liked the simpler version so I left it at that.

Thankfully, the card was much appreciated, a good thing sing it took me over a month
to stitch because it was hard to see what I was doing under artificial light.


Aw, I think it turned out awesome! I’m with you, I like the simple version even not having seen the other version. And the card color itself makes the leaves and stem pop. I’m so glad he likes it.
Thank you! I thought the green was just right to set off the other colours.

He likes orchids so it was ideal.
It totally was :) You did awesome, as always!!
Very pretty!
Thank you, I was quite pleased with it!

Beautiful! So glad to hear it was appreciated too!

Thank you! It was one of my harder stitching projects, not helped by having to stitch by artificial light. It's so much easier in daylight, but that's in short supply here in November.
How creative.:)
Thank you! It was a labour of love, the design is gorgeous, but very fiddly.
WOW! Beautiful!
you are quite a fabulous artisan!
I don't know about that, it's just following a pattern, but it turned out nice.

Thank you!

It's gorgeous. Well done you!
I do love crossstitch. It made me go and pull out some unfinished ones of my own and start up again, whilst I'm on a bit of a hiatus from writing (or at least my brain wants to be it seems). I can't find the one with the orcas though. I'm sure I never finished it but it's gone walkabout. I found a barely started one with dolphins that's less fiddly than most of them which is probably why I abandoned it. I did notice however that the black thread has torn off the card and wasn't in the bag with the rest of the kit, so I've stolen some from what I think is a finished thread card. At least it's black so it's easy to buy more if I can't locate the bundle that went missing. I'm sure I must've stashed the other half of my crossstitch stuff somewhere else. There's a bunch I recall now that weren't in the sewing bag. Hmmm....

Thank you!

And ya, I inspired you to get your stitching out! I hope you'll post pics when you get something finished!

I really hate when threads - or projects - go walkabout. I spent ages the other evening trying to locate all the threads I needs for some small bird designs I want to stitch, and some owl designs. Black is at least a colour you can borrow from elsewhere and replace later. It's not like you get different shades of black thread.

Hopefully you'll find the ones that have wandered off. I wonder if I'll have time for stitching before the New Year... I'm still trying to boost my word count a little more because I haven't dropped below 1k a day all year and I'm so close to the finish line...

I've only signed up for 200k next year, although I'll probably write more than that. I want more time for stitching and reading though, I'm way behind!

Merry Christmas!
That is lovely. I have the same problem with lighting especially when working with darker cloth.
Thank you!

I haven't tried stitching on darker cloth although I have fabric cut out for some designs on dark blue fabric (so many things to stitch) but I find stitching with light colours on light fabric can be really difficult in artificial light, especially when working on high count fabric with one strand of thread. I have a daylight lamp somewhere, but I have no idea where.