badly_knitted (badly_knitted) wrote,

Cross Stitch: 60th Birthday Card

A little later than intended, thanks to life getting in the way, but here at last are the pics of the 60th birthday card I made for my friend. Unfortunately, it went a bit wonky when I stuck it to the card because it's quite large. I used one strand of thread on 18 count fabric, so the stitched piece is a little over 6 inches tall by about 3 1/3 wide.

There should be more to the border, another shade filling in most of the gaps, but I liked the simpler version so I left it at that.

Thankfully, the card was much appreciated, a good thing sing it took me over a month
to stitch because it was hard to see what I was doing under artificial light.

Tags: craft, cross stitch, real life, yay!

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