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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Another One

Title: Another One

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Team

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 294 – Teddy Bears’ Picnic at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: What has the rift dumped on Cardiff this time? Same as last time…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: In the continuing absence of a new prompt, have another Bear drabble.

Arriving at the site of the latest rift alert, the team weren’t especially surprised to find a small, brown teddy bear with a sign around its neck reading ‘Please look after this bear.’

“How many is that now?” asked Owen.

“Seventeen,” Ianto replied. “I’m starting to think the rift has a rather peculiar sense of humour.”

“At least they’re not dangerous,” said Tosh, picking the bear up.

“Maybe Cardiff is hosting an intergalactic teddy bear convention,” Owen suggested.

Ianto rolled his eyes. “Maybe you’re a few bears short of a picnic.”

Owen grabbed the bear and threw it at him.

TBC in 'Homeless Bears'


Hehe :-)
Are they just ordinary bears? Or is there something 'rifty' about them?
They seem to be regular bears - Tosh has scanned them all and there's nothing peculiar about them. It seems the rift has found a cache of stray bears and is attempting to re-home them, lol! I suspect the rift may be semi-sentient - anything it's not sure what to do with, it dumps on Cardiff for Torchwood to figure out ;)
“Maybe you’re a few bears short of a picnic.” I LOL'd!

That Rift is sure strange, sometimes. :-p

It is. Right now it seems to have turned into the Lost Teddy Bear re-homing centre.

Thank you, glad you liked!
Someone must really like the Torchwood crew if they're sending teddy bears. Is it Valentines Day? *grins*
I don't think so, but maybe it is wherever they're coming from. Or maybe the rift has just decided to collect lost bears and send them to Torchwood... who knows?

Thank you!
awwww maybe they don't want to forget the day they spent together so they send the teddies as reminders!!
That's a cute theory!

Thank you! =)
Aww so many furry things to hug.
That's never a bad thing! (Well, unless they're like Mr Fuzzies!)

Thank you.
Thank you. They just can't help themselves!


LMAO!!!! Cute :D Wasn't there a short story where Jack was turned into a bear? Wonder what he was up to in that time... :D

Re: Bears...

I don't know, it sounds vaguely familiar but there are so many bears in my head at the moment I can't be sure...

Glad you liked this one =)
Aww they can send one to me Ill look after it :)

Great drabble.
Ianto has plans for them ;)

Thank you.
“Maybe you’re a few bears short of a picnic.”

Heehee, thank you! Glad you liked it!
Made me smile :)
Thank you, glad you liked it =)
Apparently the Rift is now Santa Claus! LOL
It didn't know what to do with all the bears so it dumped them on Cardiff for Torchwood to deal with. I think it does that with a lot of things, lol!

Thank you.
I think it's just Torchwood receives "a little sweetness in their world of gross."
Yes, teddy bears are so much nicer than most of the things that come through the rift.

Thank you