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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Ianto Haz An Idea

Drabble: Homeless Bears - Sequel to ‘Another One’

Title: Homeless Bears - Sequel to ‘Another One’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 294 – Teddy Bears’ Picnic at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: What will become of all the stray bears the team have collected?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Here's yet another Bear drabble.

Scans and tests proved the bears to be completely normal, so once the Rift energy had dissipated, Ianto bagged them up and took them home.

Now he stood smiling in satisfaction at the results of his labours; fifty-three freshly laundered teddy bears, in various colours and sizes, hung on the washing line in his small backyard, swinging gently in the wind.

“So,” asked Jack, “what will you do with them now?”

“Thought I’d take them over to Tŷ Hafan once they’re dry and looking presentable. I’m sure they can find room for a few homeless bears.”

Jack nodded approval.


The End



"Perfect" indeed :-)

I'm sure they will appreciate the teddies :-)
I'm sure they will too. There's nothing like a teddy bear for comfort.

Thank you.
Aw...yes! What a wonderful thing to do with all of those teddies.
Hopefully they'd bring a lot of happiness. Ianto is a very thoughtful person.

Thank you.
awwww that is so sweet of him to do!
Perfect solution!
Ianto always thinks of others!

Thank you.
Aww great drabble, whats Ty Hafan?
It's a children's hospice in the Csrdiff area for children with life-shortening illnesses. I thought it would be the perfect place for the bears. It's a shame they're only fictional bears though.

Thank you.
Adorable as the teddies are Ianto is still the most adorable.
He is, but Jack wants to keep Ianto for himself ;)

Thank you.
I had to Google Ty Hafan (and my computer doesn't even have a way to make the accent mark, sorry!) but it sounds like a wonderful place for the teddy bears. That was very thoughtful of Ianto!

I like the image of them all hanging from the line--maybe by their ears? :D
I know of Ty Hafan (and I can't do the accent marks in comments either) from other Torchwood fics I've read; if I hadn't heard of it that way I would probably have just said Children's hospital or something. It seemed the ideal place though.

If Ianto is anything like me (and in my mind he is), he's too much of a softy to hang them by the ears - ribbon tied around a bear under the arms is more comfortable for them and the ribbon ends can be pegged to the line. If the bear is too top-heavy for that, it's put in a mesh bag, lol!
It's a great place for the bears. And now I've learned something too!

LOL re hanging the bears! You're probably right. I can see Ianto meticulously tying a ribbon around each one while Jack looks on in bewilderment. :-p
I always wince if I see them hung by their ears! Ianto is the kind of person who would fashion a little ribbon harness for each bear so they feel secure on the line. Can't send traumatised teddies to a hospice to comfort the kids after all. Jack is probably used to Ianto's sometimes eccentric behaviour!
Teddy Bears will make the childrens' days a little brighter. Great idea jack.
There's nothing like a teddy bear to brighten a poorly child's day!

Thank you.
Ianto always comes up with the best solutions! No doubt those teddies will find good homes! :)
Ianto's thoughtful that way, the bears will go where they're needed and will be appreciated.

Thank you.
"fifty-three freshly laundered teddy bears, in various colours and sizes, hung on the washing line in his small backyard, swinging gently in the wind." => charming

what a beautiful idea!!!!!
Thank you.

Who wouldn't feel like smiling at such a sight?
Tŷ Hafan (tr: Haven House) truly is the perfect place to send lonely bears. They do such spectacular work in supporting children and their families.

I've got this image of Ianto's OCD making him arrange the teddies in some kind of colour-coordinated arrangement, with matching pegs. (Ianto's OCD, not mine... yeah...)
Yeah, that's probably something I would do.... No wonder I identify with Ianto, lol! Teddy bears hung to dry categorised by colour then size ;)

Thank you, I'd come across Tŷ Hafan in someone else's fic and it just seemed the ideal plsce for Ianto to take the lost bears.