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August 2019



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Drabble: Boeshane Family Tree

Title: Boeshane Family Tree

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 295 – Family Tree at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Jack reminisces about life on the Boeshane Peninsula.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Partly inspired by a recent drabble by timelordshines and iantojjackh

This was better in my head, but I’m posting it anyway.

Jack approached Ianto, working busily at his computer.

“What’ya doing?”

“Researching my family tree.”

“On Boeshane, we had actual trees.”

Ianto looked up, intrigued.

“It was a desert world, trees were vital. Every family adopted one; watered and pruned it, hung tokens from it for those who’d died. Babies were taken to their family tree and a lock of their hair buried at its roots, binding child and tree together. Then on birthdays, we’d take gifts to our tree in thanks for surviving another year.”

Jack sounded wistful.

“Maybe we could plant a family tree,” Ianto suggested.

“I’d like that.”

The End


awwww what a lovely tradition! a true family tree!
btw, how are your things going?
Thank you. The idea didn't come out as well as I would have liked, I really needed more words, but I liked the idea.

I'm battling on. Mum might be home early next week, so there's a lot to do.
I so love this
Thank you.

I think it would have benefitted from more words, but then it wouldn't have been a drabble...
That's sweet!
Thank you.

It's not as good as it was in my head though, the word count was too restricting.
This is such a lovely idea. A real family tree, one that would grow with the family who were taking care of it...yes, having something like this would be a wonderful way to remember your loved ones.
Even better if it produced fruit and if caring for it produced more little trees... I'm thinking they might be like mangroves, lots of trunks popping up, all from the same root system, so you end up with sort of a family copse after a few generations.

Thank you.
Grrrrrrr yes we could never find that darn tree. I felt like I was in Boeshane today playing in the dusty dirt. My shoes look worse than when we traipsed through Brecon Beacons.

Sweet drabble.
LOL! They should have had a map with the tree clearly maked and a sign saying 'This is the tree you're looking for'.

Thank you.
Word counts can be brutal sometimes, but I like what you did with this! You have lovely details about the Boeshane trees. Nice prequel to the other Family Tree drabble. :)
Thank you! It does work quite well as a prequel.

I would have put in a lot more detail if I hadn't been restricted by the word count, but right now I don't have time for anything longer than a drabble.

Mum might be coming home on Tuesday and there's so much more still to be done.
Aww That sounds lovely.

Great fic.
Thank you, Glad you liked it =)
Lovely drabble...This would make a great story, especially if Jack was able to find his way back to the Peninsula to find out if there were any survivors other than his brother.

Hope Mum is doing well; but how are YOU doing?
Thank you. One day maybe I'll do a longer fic, but don't count on it. Very little time for writing these days.

Mum's doing well andf might be home on Tuesday. I'm shattered, there's so much to do still and not enough time, there's only me doing most of it and I'm not in good health anyway, and we're supposed to get warm, dry weather this weekend so I did another pile of laundry and it's drizzling this morning so I can't put that out without getting it wetter. I'm not exactly having fun, lol! thanks for asking *hugs*
Great and emotional idea. It makes me wonder what we can do as families.
Thank you! *hugs*

If everyone planted a tree, it would be good for the environment. A lot of people don't have room for a tree but even a few plants help.
Thank you! =)
What a lovely idea, and a lovely drabble! :)
Thank you.

The colonists knew how important trees were so they made sure to care for as many as they could.
Aww what a lovely tradition.
I'm pleased we were able to inspire you :-)

I just realised it's Monday night and the new prompt could be up any time now... and I haven't written anything yet. *panics and tries to tempt the plot bunnies with carrots*
Thank you.

Good luck, hope inspiration hits.
I'm sure Jack misses his family's family tree :( But at least he can start it again with Ianto, hopefully <3<3
Thank you.

Yes, there's comfort for him in that.
we should all do the same!
the question is: what species to choose? there are so many.
it is not very original, but personally, I like the oak. I also like the birch and in fact should choose olive who living very long and bears fruit.
But, the Oak, I like it!
I like Oak trees too, they're such noble trees, but there are many other good trees. All fruit trees are very important of course, but I rather like Willow trees.

Thank you.
Thank you, glad you think so!