Ianto Little Smile

March 2023


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Ianto Little Smile

Cross Stitch: Blue Flowers and Art Nouveau Girl

Okay, here's a set of floral designs I finished late last year but didn't get around to photographing until now. They're stitched on 14 count with two strands of thread.

And here's the beginning of my current project, a card for my sister's 60th birthday. I've given myself plenty of time for it because the design measures 91 x 91 stitches and I'm stitching it on 20 count fabric with one strand of thread. It's a young woman's head in profile, in a sort of Art Nouveau style. Very pretty.

The flesh-toned bit on the bottom left is the back of the woman's neck. Then the shoulder of her gown is bottom right, stitched in off white and pale ivory, with some light grey shadowing which I haven't stitched yet. I managed to get that part done this afternoon while it was sunny enough to see what I was doing. I really need good natural light when working with light colours on a white background. Still got a long way to go, as you can see from the first picture. the second is a close-up of the stitched area so far. I'll update periodically to show my progress.


Thank you!
Ooo, very pretty!
Thank you! I have a lot of work to do on my WiP, but I hope I've given myself enough time.
Beautiful. I wouldn't even be able to see the squares for counting. Well done!
Thank you! I'm short-sighted so I have to take my glasses off to work on 20 count. It helps a lot.
My hat is off to you even for that. I wouldn't have the patience.
I find cross stitching relaxing, although I do get impatient to get things finished, lol!
Oh, boy, not me. But I have people say the same thing about quilting.
I wouldn't be able to quilt, I'm useless at any sewing that doesn't have the holes already there, lol!

Your quilting looks lovely, I've seen some of your posts. Very impressive.
It's just turning the edge of fabric over and basting it with a running stitch. To me, it's brainless and very relaxing. It's nice that there are so many various crafts in the world that everyone can find something they love.
I've never had the patience for anything like that. If I'm doing something, I want it to be something I have to concentrate on, otherwise I get bored. I can't even watch TV without doing something else at the same time. o_O
I don't multi task as a rule, although I can quilt and watch TV. I just like to stay busy. Bored is not something I ever have to worry about. There's not enough time in the day for me.
As long as I'm keeping busy I'm fine, but I multi-task all the time, and I still can't fit everything in. I used to knit and read at the same time.
wow, you are a true artist!
I just follow the charts, the artists are the people who design the charts *grins*

Thank you!