badly_knitted (badly_knitted) wrote,

Cross Stitch: 60th Birthday Card Update 1

Right, first update on the art nouveau lady!

Excellent progress is being made, I'm pleased with myself. I've got the shoulder of her gown done, plus all her face and the first few locks of hair. I'm leaving her eye until last though, because I don't want her staring at me out of half a head o_O

I wasn't even going to attempt it because I'm working on 20 count, but I did manage (more or less) to do the fractional stitches on her eyebrow. It should be noted that I loathe fractionals and have been known to re-chart sections of designs I like in order to get rid of them because I have trouble not with the actual stitching but with reading them on the chart and translating that to the fabric. It's like a weird version of dyslexia, I get confused and can't make what I'm seeing make sense in my head. But I managed because it was only a couple of stitches. Yay!

Tags: craft, cross stitch, real life

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