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Ianto Little Smile

September 2023



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Ianto Little Smile

Something Crafty

Because the wonderful rift_bound was interested, I'm posting a couple of pictures of one of my other craft endeavours - I call them Wols (short for wool owls).


Meet the latest Wols...


I made them using a macrame design for a plant pot hanger, but used leftover wool and curtain rings, with bangles or twigs as perches. I made this lot quite a while ago, but I just found them again and stuck their googly eyes in place. They do all have two eyes, I just found it impossible to photograph them so that they showed!

From the tops of their heads to the ends of their tails, they measure about 8 inches, the hanging cords are around 4 inches, so altogether they're about a foot long. I have one hanging on the rear view mirror in my car as a car mascot and another attached to my rucksack. From start to finish, it takes about a day to make one - I've made dozens, but the rest are in storage at the moment, though I've got everything I need to make a few so I have something to do when the workmen are busy and I have to stay out of the way!



Cute! I see Wol - I think of Owl in Winnie-the-Pooh! But these are adorable. I'd have one hanging from my car, but my hubs gets mad even with the small clear beaded thing I have hanging there at the moment. Twit. It's my car! It's also my good luck Kiwi, it was in my other car that was destroyed in a major car accident, which he retrieved for me, I rebeaded it and have had it in my cars ever since.

OMG - the news just said we're going to get 1-3" of snow by the end of tomorrow! What the flying fuck! It's spring! It's also my boy's birthday. Happy Birthday, son. Don't freeze your arse off :/
Eeep! Snow in March? Not good news! Take care!
Thanks. Heading out of town tomorrow to collect the cat from the sister-in-law, so hopefully will miss the actual snow fall, but really? It's bloody freezing at the moment, even now. I can't believe this weather. It's a wonder none of us have come down with pneumonia or death!
Similar situation here in England. Yesterday was sunny and hot, practically summer weather. I was outside pruning in my shirtsleeves. Today, it's been overcast and bitterly cold out. The temperature dropped by at least 10 degrees, and we've got frost forecast tonight. Not as bad as snow, I know, but still a reminder that it's not really spring yet!
Oh, they adorable, you're a great artist!!! *-*
Thankyou! *squishes tight* You say such lovely things =)

They are a good way to use up leftover wool and they're quite fun to make. I like doing macrame, but plant hangers and things are just too heavy to do these days because I have arthritis. These weigh almost nothing.
Glad you like them! The first ones I made were all browns and greys, natural owl colours, but I had so much leftover wool I decided to get more adventurous! I adapted a design for macrame pot plant hangers; they're not all that difficult to make, just involves a lot of tying knots! I like macrame but jute is heavy, expensive and hard on the hands, not to mention bulky. The wool version is easier to make!

I adore owls too! We've got quite a lot of owl ornaments and soft toys - most are mum's as she is an owl fan too. Even our house is called Two Hoots (well, it was until the sign fell down a few years ago as I went out and just missed me. We've still got it, just haven't been able to put it back up!)