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Something Crafty

Because the wonderful rift_bound was interested, I'm posting a couple of pictures of one of my other craft endeavours - I call them Wols (short for wool owls).


Meet the latest Wols...


I made them using a macrame design for a plant pot hanger, but used leftover wool and curtain rings, with bangles or twigs as perches. I made this lot quite a while ago, but I just found them again and stuck their googly eyes in place. They do all have two eyes, I just found it impossible to photograph them so that they showed!

From the tops of their heads to the ends of their tails, they measure about 8 inches, the hanging cords are around 4 inches, so altogether they're about a foot long. I have one hanging on the rear view mirror in my car as a car mascot and another attached to my rucksack. From start to finish, it takes about a day to make one - I've made dozens, but the rest are in storage at the moment, though I've got everything I need to make a few so I have something to do when the workmen are busy and I have to stay out of the way!


Tags: craft, macrame, wols

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