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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Autumn Temptation

Title: Autumn Temptation

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 296 – Autumn In Cardiff at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Despite the hazards of working for Torchwood, you should never pass up the opportunity to have a bit of fun!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

The Weevil they were hunting led them a merry chase before disappearing down an open manhole. It hadn’t harmed anyone, so they’d let it go; maybe it had just wanted a romp in the autumn air.

Which left Jack and Ianto a couple of miles from the SUV, trekking back through Bute Park in the early hours. The huge pile of fallen leaves they’d come across was just too tempting.

With no one around to see, they grinned at each other and dived in, tossing leaves around with abandon, filling the air with laughter.

Some immortals just never grow up!

The End


love it! It's very Jack & Ianto. They like to pretend they are grown ups, but we know the truth, hehe ^_^
Thank you. They're mostly grown up when they're working, but they still know how to just let their hair down and have fun, and they grab any opportunity to enjoy themselves.
I can sooooooo see them doing that!
Thank you!

They're off work, so it's time to have a bit of fun!
I'd love to do that as well!
Thank you, so would I - as long as the leaves were dry anyway!
That's what Autumn is all about :-)

I like playing with my cat in piles of leaves, although it does make raking them up slower it is fun :-)
A good pile of leaves needs to be enjoyed.

Thank you.
Aww I can just picture this in my mind.

Great drabble.
Thank you!

Jack encourages Ianto to act young and silly whenever possible, it's good for then both!
Sometimes being an adult is seriously over rated. Who could blame the weevil a nice stroll in the cool crisp air sounds good.
Very true! We have to grow older but that doesn't mean we have to grow up! I'm over 50 but I still jump in puddles and like scrunching through fallen leaves. I'm never growing up. I'll grow old disgracefully!

The Weevil definitely had the right idea, it must be nice to get out of the sewers for a bit.

Thank you.
The day the boys grow up will be a sad day indeed. :)
I'll have to make sure that day never comes then ;)

They're mature and responsible when they need to be, but they know when to let go and just enjoy themselves. When you live forever you need to find the right balance between sensible and frivolous.

Thank you.
Thank you, I love giving them the chance to be playful.
Yay for our boys! I used to do the same when I lived Down Under. My dog Stout and I had loads of fun with the glorious colourful fallen autumn leaves. Back in the tropics now, so I jump and splash through puddles during the monsoon. Nearing 40 and never growing up - that's me!
I've got you beat - 51 and still kicking my way through the leaves and jumping in puddles, I just don't jump so well these days as I used to, lol!

Thank you, glad you liked it! The boys are still going to be jumping in leaves when they're thousands of years old. Growing older is compulsory, growing up is optional.
*heehee* Boys! ;)
Boys just wanna have fun! ;)

(Maybe that's what the weevil was doing on the surface, playing in the leaves.)

Thank you.
I'm glad they always find what it takes to relive a childhood that should have been happy and carefree!
It reminded me of the autumn leaves and play with my brother. We had a very large garden and large trees. There were a lot of leaves.
The gardener maked a big pile. We turned it on in a kind of round that our was called fortress - certainly not very effective - but very fun!
the least fun part is when it was picking up everything and bring in to the compost pile ....
Leaves are such fun to play in - when they're dry anyway. Jack will make sure Ianto never forgets to have fun and be carefree, no matter how long they both live. They'll stay young at heart!

Thank you.