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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Bad Jack

Drabble: The Duel

Title: The Duel

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto, OACs

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 297 – Seconds at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: There’s adventure to be found everywhere for two immortals travelling the universe, but sometimes Ianto wishes Jack would just behave.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Jack was apparently capable of causing offence wherever they went.

“I demand a duel to the death,” hissed the orange skinned alien. “Name your second.”

“What are seconds?” Ianto murmured to Jack.

“They remove the dead body of the loser.”

“Ah.” Ianto stepped forward, “I’m his second. Jones.”

“Very well. I choose Chialabanch.”

A small alien stepped from the crowd, looking nervous.

“Are we ready?” Jack’s grin was a mile wide.


The fight was brief and brutal. Jack died quickly and the seconds carried his body to their ship.

“Stop offending people,” Ianto grumbled as Jack revived.

“But it’s fun!”

The End


Stop that Jack! It's not fun for Ianto!
Yeah, enen though Ianto is immortal now himself, it doesn't mean he's not bothered when Jack dies. Jack just likes offending people he thinks are too closed-minded and sometimes that gets him killed. Poor Ianto.

Thank you.
Oh wow, that was a lot of excitement packed into 100 words. Although I have to question Jack's taste level when it comes to "fun" sometimes. :-p

I love what you did with the prompt. I was brainstorming the word "seconds" yesterday trying to come up with ideas, but I forgot all about a dueling second. Well-done!
Thank you, this is the first of three I have written so far using different interpretations of the challenge word.

Jack just gets annoyed by closed-minded or prejudiced people and enjoys challenging people's beliefs and customs if he thinks they're wrong, but that does get him into trouble a lot and sometimes he dies for it. Ianto is not amused, even if he basically asgrees with Jack's point of view. He thinks there are better, more subtle ways of opening people's minds.
what a creative use of the Word!!!

But Jack!!!! yo should stop doing that or Ianto will deny himself and his coffee!
Ianto just thinks Jack needs to be more tactful when he challenges prejudice or outdated beliefs. He still doesn't like it when Jack gets killed, even though he's immortal himself.

Thank you.

Edited at 2013-10-03 04:07 pm (UTC)
Ianto's going to put him on decaf if he keeps getting into trouble!
Or worse - nstant decaf, the cheap stuff!

Thank you.
That's our Jack! *laughs*
Yep! And Ianto's not happy with him. I think Jack may be in trouble...

Thank you.
No Jack it was NOT fun for poor Ianto.

Great drabble.
Definitely not. Ianto is not pleased with Jack.

Thank you.
Oh Jack! Just because you die 'all the time' doesn't mean you should take dying so easy, because you know it is not and never will be, not only for yourself but the people around you!
Jack can be a bit thoughtless at times.

Thank you.
Hehe great use of the prompt.
I can imagine Jack annoying people to the point of them wanting to duel with him. But also, I think it's good that he challenges people beliefs and prejudices, however I'm sure if he left it to Ianto the point would still get made and nobody would die.
I'm pleased to see Jack didn't actually fight the duel though, and allowed the other person to kill him.
If dying doesn't teach him the lesson to stop annoying people, maybe the decaf he is sure to get will..?
I'm not sure Jack really WANTS to learn his lesson. He'll never stop challenging prejudices and stupidity.

He didn't want to harm anyone so he didn't fight back, figuring he'd already made his point, he simply put up token resistance to being killed.

Thank you.
oh naughty Jack!:)
Very naughty indeed, Ianto will surely punish him! Thank you =)
Jack ........!! see ......
All blood is really disgusting!
Pauvre Ianto.
There are days when he has to ask how to grow Jack. Well, fortunately, Ianto love Jack for what he is and as he is!
Ianto doesn't really want Jack to change or grow up, just to be a little less careless with his own life. Jack will be Jack though, so Ianto doesn't know if he will ever learn.

Poor Ianto indeed, he's had to become an expert at getting blood out of everything! Not a talent he ever really wanted.

Thank you.