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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Seconds

Title: Seconds

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, mentions Lisa and Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 297 – Seconds at tw100

Spoilers: Cyberwoman.

Summary: Time has slowed to a crawl for Ianto.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Time has slowed to a crawl. Each second lasts an eternity, ticking past so achingly slowly Ianto feels he could go insane between one tick of the clock and the next.

Sixty seconds a minute, three thousand six hundred an hour, eighty six thousand four hundred a day and it’s only been two days, one hundred and seventy two thousand eight hundred seconds.

“You’re on suspension, four weeks,” Jack told him.

Ianto doesn’t know how he can stay sane for another two million three hundred and thirty two thousand eight hundred seconds, or if he even wants to.

Lisa’s dead.

The End


Poor Ianto.
Of course he would know exactly how many seconds had passed. And every one of them hurt so much. *sniffle*
*Hugs Ianto*
Thank you, sorry to make you go all wibbly.

I wasn't sure the idea would work, but I'm quite pleased with the result. i could just see Ianto sitting there watching the hands of his stopwatch tick around, his head filled with thoughts of Lisa's death and the emptiness he feels inside.
ouch, I'm sure every second felt like a needle to his heart!
Poor Ianto!
Possibly more like a knife than a needle, but yes, I expect every beat of his heart made him feel like he was being ripped apart.

Thank you.
*sniffle* poor Ianto.
I know! *hugs Ianto* This is just a bad time for him, but it will get better.

Thank you.
Hugs Ianto.
He needs all the hugs he can get. Things will get better for him eventuslly, but at this point he's in a very bad place.

Thank you.
Oh my heart breaks for him.

Such a heartbreaking drabble.
Thank you.

Poor Ianto, I think this is his lowest point though, things will slowly improve for him from now on. Well, with a few dips into the Really Not Good area during Countrycide...
Oh, how heartbreaking! Writing out the numbers in words the way you did gives one a sense of how many there are them, and how heavy they are! And that last line is a real kicker.

Great work!

Edited at 2013-10-06 02:37 am (UTC)
Thank you.

I wasn't sure it would work when the idea came to me, and I had to give my calculator a good workout to get all the numbers right anyway, but I think it came out quite well. Time can weigh heavily when there's nowhere you have to be and your mind is filled with grief.
Poor Ianto! The sense of time is a marvelous and mean thing; time speeds up when you enjoy yourself, but slows to a crawl when you don't.

I really like how you give us the exact numbers here!

I'm not sure, but can you really say "achingly slowly"? Shouldn't it be "achingly slow"?
Achingly slow would probably be more correct grammatically speaking, but few people bother to be grammatically correct in their own thoughts and feelings and it just didn't have the right resonance for me. There are times when correct grammar just feels wrong to the writer in me, if you know what I mean, so sometimes I allow myself to drift a bit.

The idea itself was all about the numbers and Ianto being almost OCD in working them out exactly in his head (I used a calculator, lol!) I could see him sitting there with the stopwatch, watching the seconds tick past since Lisa died, taking him further and further from that devastating moment but not offering any relief from his pain, instead making it worse, tick by tick.

Thank you.
I love how you used the descriptions of time to show how slowly time would pass for him.
Thank you.

Because of the stopwatch, Ianto and time seem to fit together in my head, I could see him counting the seconds, working it all out in his head, unable to escape the agonisingly slow passage of time. Poor Ianto.
Oh bless him. Poor Ianto.

This is amazing - how is it possible to make a heart ache in just a hundred words? You have managed it, because all I want to do is reach into the screen and hug him.

Okay, so I'd normally do that anyway, because he's Ianto, but that's completely beside the point: he's so broken at this point, and you've captured that brilliantly.
*blushes* Thank you. I agree, Ianto is huggable anytime.

I seem to get rather angsty anytime I write Cyberwoman drabbles, not really surprising considering the subject matter. When I got the idea for this one, I wasn't sure I could pull it off but it actually worked better than I expected. I think the first days of his suspension would have been his lowest point, dealing with grief, guilt and the fact that after all his planning he still failed to save Lisa, and with nothing to distract him from his thoughts. It would be like endless mental torture, I can see him sitting there holding the stopwatch, counting the seconds and wondering if he has anything to live for now, feeling the seconds chipping away at his sanity tick by tick.
*sniffles and hugs Ianto*
Sorry! *hands tissues*

Ianto needs all the hugs he can get, thank you.
Sorry! *hugs* Ianto will be okay, he's just at his lowest point in this one.
too sad.
with his eidetic memory and brain very square, so unfortunately it is able to count down the time to the nearest second.
*hugs* Sorry!

Yes, Ianto's memory is a mixed blesing. There are times he really wishes he could just forget, I'm sure.

Things will get better for him though, he just had to hit the bottom before things could start improving. Jack won't let him be alone for too long.

Thank you.