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Doctor Who Drabble: Familiar Object

Title: Familiar Object
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Donna Noble, OC.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 288: Sterling at dw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: One alien’s treasure is another person’s utensil.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the characters.

Donna loved this, there was nothing more fun than poking around alien bazaars, seeing what weird stuff the stallholders might have on sale. Dozens of races frequented places like this, both buying and selling wares from hundreds of worlds. You really never knew what you might come across. At the Doctor’s urging she’d already sampled several different fruits and some sweet, sticky cakes.

She paused at one stall as something caught her eye.

“Very rare,” the stallholder said. “Lucky talisman!”

She turned it over, saw ‘sterling silver’ stamped on the back. “Sorry, mate; not a lucky anything. It’s a tablespoon.”

The End

Tags: doctor who, donna noble, drabble, dw100, fic, fic: g, the doctor

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