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BtVS Triple Drabble: Working Conditions

Title: Working Conditions
Fandom: BtVS
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Buffy, Giles.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 5: Union at tripledrabbles.
Spoilers/Setting: Late in Season One.
Summary: There are a lot of downsides to being the Slayer.
Disclaimer: I don’t own BtVS, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Joss Whedon.
A/N: Triple drabble.

“There should be a Slayer’s union,” Buffy grumbled, fingering a rip in her top. “Somewhere I could complain to about the long hours, poor working conditions, and lack of pay. Look at this; another outfit ruined, and do I get compensation to buy a replacement? No! Instead I get to listen to another lecture from my mother about being careless with my clothes. I just dealt with a nest of nasty demons, and what do I get for it? Nada!”

“You get the satisfaction of a job well done,” Giles said primly, his expression disapproving.

“Satisfaction doesn’t make up for the damage to my wardrobe, or the fact that once again I had to turn down a potential date. Do you know how many boys have asked me out since I moved to Sunnydale? Two! I almost got the first one killed, and now I had to tell this one I couldn’t go out with him because I was busy! I can forget about him ever asking me out again. If there was a union I could strike for shorter hours and a clothes allowance!”

“I hardly think a union of one would work, Buffy. You are the Slayer, singular.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know the spiel by heart, only one in all the world, yada yada. There’s an idea; there should be more of us, one in every city with a major vampire presence. No, make that two, then we could take turns being on duty and team up for anything big.”

“There’s only ever one Slayer at a time, Buffy; that’s the way it’s always been. For a new Slayer to be called…”

“I would have to die, I know; for the record, it sucks. How am I gonna explain my top?”

Giles sighed. “I’ll buy you a replacement.”

The End

Tags: btvs, buffy fic, buffy summers, drabble, fic, fic: g, giles, tripledrabbles

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