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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Feeding Torchwood

Title: Feeding Torchwood

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Rhys, Ianto, Owen, team implied

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 297 – Seconds at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: What would happen if Rhys joined Torchwood?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Having Rhys join Torchwood and take over some of Ianto’s more mundane daily tasks, namely the cleaning and providing of food, was proving to be something of a mixed blessing.

On the one hand, it meant Ianto had more time for his other duties; fieldwork, maintaining the archives, tending to Jack…

On the other hand…

“Anyone for seconds?” Rhys asked jovially, his question immediately answered by a sea of raised hands.

“Bloody hell,” muttered Owen. “If we keep eating like this we’ll all be too fat to chase aliens!”

But he dug into his second slice of lemon cheesecake anyway.

The End


Mmmm lemon cheesecake..... :-)

Nice drabble.
Yeah, my favourite =)

Thank you!
Love it (and you kind of used an idea I was going to use - so gotta think of something else)
Ooops! Sorry for using your idea! I wrote this one a couple of days ago but decided to post one of my angsty ones first, to break up the angst-fest with a spot of humour.

Glad you liked it.

Thank you!
Rhyse is a dab hand in the kitchen LOL

I feel like lemon cheescake now *pouts*
Lemon cheesecake is heaven! Maybe if you ask Rhys nicely he'll make you one!

Thank you =)
Doesn't Owen know that it's the chasing after aliens that gives him his girlish figure? LOL!
Yeah, but if they're too stuffed to start with they won't be able to run and chase the aliens in order to burn off the calories. They'll all be napping at their desks instead.

Thank you.
of course but they will always be well-fed!!!!
Possibly TOO well fed. I'm sure Rhys will get the balance right with a bit of practice, lol!

Thank you.
LOL! Rhys is so good to them! :)
TOO good to them sometimes! They're happy to have him there though. The food is so much better than endless takeaways.

Thank you.
Good thing they do plenty of running in Torchwood! *heehee*
Yeah, but will they be able to run after that meal? They might need rollerskates and bicycles to chase the weevils in future.

Thank you.
My thoughts exactly =)
reminded me it's damned beans!
but a lemon cheesecake! yum. Rhys is a famous cook.
I think Ianto should monitor Jack!
Now Ianto has more time to spare, he's keeping a very close eye on Jack ;)

Children of Earth never happened in this 'verse, so Rhys was never reduced to cooking beans. He's making much nicer meals and doing lots of baking too. The team really like his cheesecakes!

Thank you!