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June 2023



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Fic Of The Week - Week Ninety Three

Sorry, everybody, everything is getting away from me this week and I completely forgot Fic of the Week yesterday! With mum home now I'm struggling to cope and keep things organised, but I'll try to keep this going anyway.

Because of the lateness, I'm doing things differently this week, picking a brand new fic just because I just saw it posted and I want to read it. Most of you will already have seen it, many of you will have already read it, but I haven't yet so it still counts, lol!

This week's fic is T.I.E.S. , the new reel_torchwood fic from the brilliant moonfirefic . It's 6 chapters, based on the movie D.E.B.S. , posted yesterday, and it looks like it will be a fun read!

Summary: There is a secret test hidden within university entrance exams. This test doesn’t measure a student’s aptitude at reading, writing, and arithmetic; it measures their innate ability to lie, cheat, fight, and kill. Those with high scores are recruited into the world's top secret paramilitary academies, with only the best being chosen for Torchwood. Some call them scoundrels and seductresses; some call them spies, the naive call them innocent. They call themselves T.I.E.S.

Here's chapter 1   - all chapters are linked.

And that's all, folks! Hope you enjoy, happy reading!


sounds good, never seen the movie, but then that goes for most!
i just feel bad that i cant often comment as i read, i want to let them know i was there. we need facebook likes type thing
Or AO3's kudos system. If I remember, I'll send you the link when it's put up on AO3 and you can click to leave kudos, even if just as a guest.

I've never seen the movie either, but the summary sounds good and I love moonfirefic 's fics.
thanks, yeah i have an ao3 account, love the kudos but i am awful at remembering to put my stories up on there
It's not on AO3 yet, as far as I can tell.

I've got an organized system for posting - completely necessary as I'd never know what I was doing otherwise. I post everything to 5 different accounts and then cross-post to communities so it's hard to keep track of what I've posted where without a reliable system, lol!

The kudos system is great though, I just wish other sites had one as well.
This is where i get bad...since I have no idea about the movie I can't read the story. I'm sure its awesome, but if I'm not familiar with the other work I pass up on the story, same thing with cross overs with I'm not comfortable with the other fandom I pass on the story. I'm sure I've missed many good stories because of that...yeah i know I'm weird like that.
I'm the same way as far as the crossovers. I'm a little more open with the movies, but with crossovers it's usually something I'm not comfortable with. :/
If you don't know the other fandom then a lot of the fic will be meaningless, so I usually avoid crossovers with unfamiliar fandoms.

It's different with the reel_torchwood fics because they vary in how closely they follow the film's plot anyway. If I don't know the film I don't have any expectations about what should happen and I just enjoy it as a Torchwood story.
Guess I'm lucky it never bothers me if I haven't seen the movie - sometimes I prefer it that way as then I have no preconceptions of what should happen, it's simply another good Torchwood fic. I've never seen D.E.B.S. but I like the summary for the fic and the author is great so I know I'll enjoy it.

We all have our quirks. I won't read anything that crosses over with something I want to watch but haven't yet, because of spoilers or with fandoms that I don't know because I'd just be completely lost.
That's why I don't read them because I would be lost be it crossovers or reel-Torchwood. I like to know just how close to the movie it is. Just an odd quirk of mine.
I love your Fic of the Week posts! :) You reminded me to check if this one has been posted at AO3 yet.
Glad you like them =)

I need to find time to read this myself, but it's hard now that mum's home from the hospital.
this was a fun choice!
It was! I really enjoyed it, though I've never seen the film it's based on.
Neither have I! The story was fun, though, and didn't rely on seeing the movie...
It never matters to me with the reel_torchwood fics whether I've seen the movie or not, sometimes it's better if I haven't because then it's just a torchwood fic and I have no preconceived notions about what should happen, I can just enjoy the story.
I so agree... There are some timeless stories, though, that I think can be retold a million ways and they are still good!
Very true.