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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Waiting

Title: Waiting

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 297 – Seconds at tw100

Spoilers: Nothing specific

Summary: Ianto waits for Jack to revive.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Slumped against a grimy wall in a rain-drenched, litter-strewn Cardiff alleyway, Ianto cradled Jack’s dead body in his arms.

At least there was no blood this time.

Jack had been killed by an alien wielding some sort of energy weapon; the creature responsible lay a few yards away, a neat hole in the centre of its forehead. Ianto had shot it just seconds too late to prevent Jack’s death.

Now he could do nothing but wait in the cold and the dark for Jack to gasp back into life.

Eyes closed, Ianto prayed his lover would return to him soon.

TBC in 'Waking'


Ianto is so brave to be able to handle Jack dying over and over again.

Great drabble.
Thank you.

Yes, he is, though he doesn't really have much choice. But he stays strong so that he can be there for Jack in those first moments when Jack needs someone to hold on to. That's true love, setting his own fears aside like that.
Oh wow, how sad... :(

Thank you.

Sorry to make you sad =(

Jack woke up and there was much kissing and groping, if that helps!
how strong Ianto must be to go through that over and over ...
He puts his own personal feelings to one side so that he can be there for Jack. Ianto is brave and selfless, and Jack loves him for that and for his many other wonderful qualities.

Thank you =)
Awww, poor Ianto. That's got to be rough. Even knowing Jack will come back, seeing him so *dead* would be difficult. And I bet he's always wondering in the back of his mind "what if it doesn't work this time?"

Very poignant!
Thank you.

Yes, I'm sure Ianto always wonders, but he still puts Jack first, setting aside his own feelings in order to be there for Jack in those agonising first few minutes after he returns to life. That's true love.
Poor poor Ianto. And poor Jack too.
I know! I feel so bad for them both!

But as I told milady_dragon , everything turned out fine. Jack woke up, there was hugging which led to kissing and groping, and then they both felt much better =)
Nicely worded. Ianto's loyalty is unerring once it's truly given. I know that Jack appreciates not having to come back alone anymore.
Thank you. Ianto seems to be the only person who ever really understands what Jack goes through when he dies and resurrects. Having Ianto there when he wakes must be a great comfort.
*sniffle* I don't think anyone could love Jack as much as Ianto did.
*hugs and hands tissues*

In my Torchwood world, Ianto still loves Jack that much and always will. He's the only who who understands how much Jack suffers when he dies and comes back to life. He'll always be there when Jack wakes if he can be.

Thank you
I love this.
Not your normal fluff, but very powerful writing.

Poor Ianto, and Jack. I would say I'd hug them both, but I think they'd rather hug each other.

Have you written a fluffy sequel yet? ;-)
No fluffy sequel yet, I've just alluded to some kissing and groping in my comment replies.

Thank you. I only got two fluffy-ish ideas from this prompt and three angsty ones. I think the fluff bunnies are in hiding because I'm stressed.

Yeah, sadly they're so busy hugging each other no one else gets a turn =(
both sad for the death of Jack and wonderful to see the constancy of Ianto to be present for his awakening. What abnegation from Ianto.
and what a joy for Jack to come back to life in the arms of his love.
As you said in your responses to previous comments. Then there are plenty of kisses and embraces, but preferably at home, here it is too wet!
Well, they're both wet already, so a few kisses and hugs are in order before they deal with the dead alien and go home I think.

Ianto hates Jack being dead, always afraid he might not wake up this time, but Jack is comforted by the knowledge that Ianto will be with him when he wakes.

Thank you.
Jack is truly blessed to have the loyal Ianto by his side.
He is, and he'll show his appreciation. When he wakes up.

Thank you.
Yup, even if Ianto is somewhat used to Jack being able to come alive again, the deaths can still feel depressing... *lol* a little at the 'at least there's no mess this time' :)
Ianto prefers there not to be a lot of blood, because then he has to take time out of caring for Jack to clean up the scene. Pools of blood in Cardiff alleyways would be suspicious.

Yeah, the waiting is hard for him. Even though Jack comes back, he still really dies and seeing someone you love lying there dead can't ever be easy.

Thank you.

Edited at 2013-10-13 11:25 am (UTC)
I always think it must be awful for Ianto, having to wait for him to come back.

You've packed a punch into your 100 words. Thank you.
Thank you !

Most of my drabbles for the last prompt have been on the angsty side, my fluff bunnies must be in hiding.

Even knowing Jack will come back to life, I can't imagine it ever being easy for Ianto to see him dead. There must always be that little voice in the back of his mind saying 'What if he doesn't wake up this time?'
Thanks very much!