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Unfortunately, RL isn't allowing me to read all the Jack/Ianto LAS entries and vote, but I DO want to read all the stories eventually and comment on them. I've been lucky so far that quite a few have been posted to communities I'm a member of, but not all have.

The problem is, the scoreboards for the first 2 challenges aren't there anymore and so I don't know who wrote what! I can read the stories at the LAS community, but how do I know whose journal to go to in order to comment (assuming the writers have even got a journal and have posted their story there.)

I've managed to identify who wrote what in some cases, but can anyone help me out with who wrote the following?

Challenge 1

Before You...
Did You Miss Me?
Routine Deception
Testing Boundaries
The Right Time To Lie
These Lies We've Told Could Fill A Book
Tired Lies
To Tell The Truth
What The Techie Saw
Your Secret's Safe With Me - Found! zazajb

Challenge 2

Cadbury Payoff
How To Sulk Like A Pro For Valentine's Day
Last Minute Reservations
Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
My Funny Valentine
The Finest Gift Of All...
Valentine's Dinner Date
What Do You Classify As Love?

I think that's all of them that I need help with - I've jotted down stories and authors for challenge 3 already

If anyone could help, it would be appreciated!


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