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Ianto Little Smile

October 2019



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Fun With Seeds

I have accumulated an awful lot of seeds over the years, a lot of them old packets, so as I had a patch of garden I cleared last year I thought I'd give some of them a chance. After preparing the ground, I slung all the seeds in an empty yogurt pot, stirred them together, and sprinkled them over the garden, except for the Sunflower and the Nasturtium seeds, which I sowed in shallow drills at te edges. Raked it over, watered it, and now I shall wait and see if anything other than weeds comes up.

Here's what I sowed, a mix of annual and perennials:

1. Annual Cut Flowers Mixed
2. Antirrhinum Magic Carpet Mixed
3. Aquilegia ‘Alchemists Mix’
4. Aquilegia Alpina Blue
5. Aquilegia Vulgaris Magpie
6. Aster Milady Mixed
7. Aster Moraketa
8. Aster Ostrich Plume Mixed (2)
9. Candytuft Dwarf Fairyland Mixed
10. Candytuft Fairy Mixed
11. Chrysanthemum Golden Fleck
12. Chrysanthemum Multicale
13. Cineraria Maritima Cirrus
14. Container Mixture
15. Convolvulus Minor Mixed
16. Cornflower Mixed
17. Cornflower Polka Dot Mixed
18. Cosmea Express
19. Dahlia Dwarf Double Mixed
20. Dianthus Brilliancy
21. Dianthus Caryopyllus Knight Series White
22. Dianthus Double Gaiety Mixed
23. Dianthus Twinkletoes Mixed
24. Echium Dwarf Bedding Mixed
25. Erigeron ‘Orange Fizz’
26. Erinus Alpinus Mixed
27. Eryngium  PCH 268
28. Eschscholzia Dalli
29. Eschscholzia Monarch Art Shades
30. Evening Primrose
31. Everlasting Flower Mixed (2)
32. Garden Pinks Spring Beauty
33. Godetia Dwarf Mixed
34. Gypsophila Monarch White
35. Heliophila Longifolia Blue Bird
36. Heuchera Palace Purple
37. Ipomoea Heavenly Blue
38. Larkspur Giant Imperial
39. Lavatera Silver Cup
40. Leptosiphon Rainbow Mixture
41. Mixed Annuals (2)
42. Mixed Cottage Garden
43. Nasturtium Double Gleam Hybrids Mixed (2)
44. Nasturtium Roulette Mixed
45. Nasturtium Tom Thumb Mixed
46. Nigella ‘Miss Jekyll Blue’
47. Nigella Persian Jewels Mixed
48. Night Scented Stock (2)
49. Pansy Large Flowered Mixed
50. Pansy Reveille Lilac F1
51. Pansy Winter Flowering Mixed
52. Poached Egg Plant
53. Polemonium Caeruleum Album (Jacob’s Ladder)
54. Polemonium Caeruleum Blue (Jacob’s Ladder)
55. Poppy Paeony Flowered Mixes
56. Potentilla Lutea
57. Potentilla Megalantha
58. Primula Malacoides Supreme Mixed
59. Pyrethrums Robinson’s Single Mixed
60. Red Cross Free Seeds
61. Rock And Alpine Flowers Mixed
62. Rock Rose Mixed
63. Scabious Tall Double Mixed
64. Semiaquilegia Adoxoides
65. Setaria Italica (Ornamental Grass)
66. Shasta Daisy ‘Alaska’
67. Shirley Poppy Single Mixed
68. Silene Schafta
69. Silene Sucksdorphii
70. Splash Of Pink Mixed Annuals (2)
71. Stachys Lanata
72. Stardust French Hybrids (Leptosiphon)
73. Stock Ten Week Dwarf Mixed
74. Stock Ten Week Large Mixed
75. Sunflower Giant
76. Sunflower Tall Single
77. Viola ‘Freckles’
78. Wallflower ‘Fire King’
79. Wallflower Single Mixed (2)
80. Wallflower Tom Thumb Mixed
81. Wildflower Collection
82. Zinnia Allsorts


You may have just created your own Game of Thrones - Flowers Are Coming Battlefield !

That is a hella lotta flowers vying for survival.

I have a particular love of Aquilegias and they DO spread very easily from seeds.

You must keep us posted.
Some of the seeds are from the 80s so there's little chance they'll grow, that's why I sowed so many packets, but I'm hoping something might come up.

Aquilegias are one of my favourites, I've grown many different varieties from seed in the past so I know what the seedlings look like. I'm hoping some of them will come up. I also love Dianthus.

I'll report in if anything grows. For now I'm just watering twice a day to keep the ground moist.
That sounds like a lot of color! I hope you have many many flowers.
I'm just hoping something will come up. Some of the seeds are from the 80s. I just grabbed a load of packets and figured at least I as giving them a chance. Might sow some under glass next year if I can sort out one of the greenhouses by then. It's been years since I really did much growing. I'm taking some cutting of various things though.

Wow, what a mixed bunch!  Look forward to the photos when things start sprouting!

It's more of an if than a when; last time I tried this I got nothing, but I figured it was worth a try anyway. You never know. I promise there will be photos if I do get anything, even if turns out to be one solitary plant, lol!
How exciting. As a former gardener, I can imagine watching things pop up out of the ground and trying to figure out what they are going to be. And when they bloom... If this works, take pictures, please. I miss my garden.
I'll definitely post pictures if I get anything. I can't imagine being without my garden, it's a mess but I love it. Started clearing the roots out of another section today so I'm exhausted. Bramble roots, straying honeysuckle, ivy... It's not big patch of ground but it's a big job, the roots are huge and go deep and I hurt all over from wrestling with them but I only fell over once.
You'll have to take a photo to show what came up!
I will, assuming anything DOES come up... Maybe I should sprinkle a few more packets...
I would seriously love to see a picture of what all comes up this spring and summer. That is a *lot* of flowers. :)
If anything comes up I'll be posting photos. First problem will be trying to determine what's a plant and what's a weed...
As long as the plants don't start fighting I think you'll be okay in the end. *grins*
That is a very nice mixture of seeds. I hope that they come up and give you some beautiful flowers.
I'll be satisfied if I just get a few flowering plants. I look every time I water the patch, hoping for little seedlings, but working out which are plants and which are just weeds is going to be tough!